Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Snip - Its ... Where do you find Inspiration?

1.  Gorgeous Pillows at the Design Center.
2.  It was so cold that I actually lingered for inspiration in the Grocery Store.  Chestnuts.
3.  Template for new countertops!!  Yippee.  More on that next week!
4.  Client Foyer.  Decisions Made.
5.  Carrara Marble Island top.  Did it in the last kitchen.  Doing it again. 
Why recreate the wheel?
6.  More Grocery Inspiration.  Pineapple.
7.  Kitchen Chairs.  I have loved you ... we now must break up!
8.  Yep, I stayed awhile in the fruit aisle!  Orange Peppers
9.  Don bought me this book for Christmas.  Oooozing Inspiration!

What is inspiring you on these cold winter days?

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Are you in need a fruit cleanse? (I AM) JK, inspiration abounds in nature if we just stop and pause. I love all your snippets and can't wait for your counters. Is that the foyer for the new client? Looks awesome. Have a great weekend. xo Nancy

  2. I would have never known that was a pineapple! My inspiration during these cold days is anything that can be done indoors. This weather is actually boding well for my house!

  3. I'm focused on cooking warm, comfort food and Super Bowl junk - I need a dose of your healthy inspiration!

  4. I love to linger at the grocery store except right before a snow when people are going nuts. Those are some cheerful peppers!

  5. Kim I love your Friday snippets! New countertops are such a thrill, aren't they? I had calcutta gold a few houses ago and the etching made me nuts. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Great images - if a trip to Hawaii comes with that pineapple, I am sold! Hot tea is my usual escape from the cold. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!

  7. Cant wait for your kitchen reveal! Have a fab weekend, Kim!! xoxo

  8. I am too old to read the print on that book. What is it? Good job, Don.

  9. Fun Friday snippets! My inspiration comes from Spring 2014 fashion...pretty and fresh is just around the corner.

  10. Beautiful inspiration, Kim, and isn't it amazing where we find the pineapple snippet! We just used Carrara marble in our Beaufort house and love it. Nothing quite like it - etching and all!!


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