Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Design Trend ... Copper

Good Morning from the Kitchen!
We are now on our third Kitchen renovation in 10 years.
We've learned a little.

As I am working through this third one, I have some food for thought.

According to House Beautiful, Copper is the "new" metal trend for 2014.

We did the copper thing in 2007.  I loved it.  I still do, as a matter of fact.

But here's the Pro/Con list for you to truly consider before you jump on the bus.

Seriously, I loved my copper sink and faucet.  But they were frustrating.
I wanted to have them keep the same beautiful shine they had the day we purchased them.
This is hard. Yes, the sink handles and things you constantly used stayed shiny.  
The rest did not.  I tried to clean it all with Tarnex one Thanksgiving and thought I would throw up from the smell.  And it streaked.
Once every six months or so I decided to give it some elbow grease and was never quite satisfied.
And let's face it ...  I have more things to do than rub my faucet all day!!

The sink actually took on a patina that I was happy with.  But I still yearned for the shine!
A friend told me I had to Embrace the Patina or move on.

Here's a round up from UK House Beautiful for your consideration:


The barstool will stay shiny if you sit on it!!  and the lamps I believe will be slow to patina as they probably have a finish on them.

So if you are considering bringing in this Trend (which I still consider a classic)  in 2014,
Consider carefully how and where you will use it, and if you have the ability to


Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Love the copper as well as your mantra, which could serve many uses! Looking forward to seeing what is in store in your new kitchen!

  2. Good advice, Kim! I've been seeing it all over and wondered if people will jump on board. Nothing I LOVE more than a kitchen reno - have fun!!

  3. Trends can drive one nuts!!! I will have a small choice at the next place and will probably stick with the basic chrome ....not sure yet. Copper is not an option with the developer. I can choose rubbed or dull nickle or chrome... I think I'll stick with one that doesn't come and go.

  4. Great tips Kim! Love the lighting options too! Although, I stay clear from metallic bar stools since they are a bit cold on the tush come early morning - well, maybe just what some people need for an early pick-me-upper! ;-)

  5. Had a copper sink at ski home, loved it but it was work to keep it from greening! Still one of my really like it though!

  6. Phrase of the day: Embrace the patina! Wise words. I don't have time to rub faucets all day either...that cracks me up. Have fun planning! xo Nancy

  7. Looking forward to your kitchen reno!

  8. A friend of mine just asked me what I thought of a copper sink. My answer, high maintenance.

  9. Embrace the patina - love this quote, Kim!! Copper is beautiful and timeless! I will stick to copper pots :)

  10. I could only dream of a beautiful copper sink so embrace the patina! love it.

  11. I just can't embrace the patina, unfortunately. So pretty new though:)

  12. I have copper sinks in my master bath. I use Wright's Copper Cream once a week...very easy and it works very well.

  13. It’s not surprising that copper has become a new trend this 2014, because it really is a beautiful addition to one’s house. It’s durable, adds a cozy appeal to one’s house, and is heat resistant – these are just some of the many advantages of copper. But of course, there are also cons about it that must be considered before making a decision. In the end, it's all about planning it right. Cheers!

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals


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