Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Snip - Its ... Self Absorbed!

It has been a week of temperatures of in the single digits.  And I have been stuck in the house (happily not to have to go out in the cold) while my floors are being redone ... 

Here's what's been happening ... 

1.  Before tackling the multitude of projects Don and I enjoyed this first bottle of wine (that Erin brought to us from Greece!) in our new home.
2.  Ordered this faucet for our new kitchen.  I am giddy! 
3.  Kitchen Wall painted and the Girl is UP!  Will share how I did it ... and love the outcome!
4.  Carpet chosen for stairs to basement.  I wanted happy ... I think it rocks!
5.  Proud of My Auburn Tigers.  They gave us fans quite a ride this year! 
6.  This room will be our Dining Room ... one day soon I hope!!
7.  While I love a good watercolor flower pot ... these are coming off my kitchen backsplash!
8.  Stain chosen for floors ... do you know about "popping" your floors?  Will share what I learned next week!
9.  Dyson.  Rocks.  Just bought this one, my second.  If you are considering, don't hesitate!

We are able to "move in" to our bedrooms on Saturday ... do you hear the angels singing?

Have a wonderful weekend ... temps are going up ... whoop whoop!  
I just might leave the house!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Exciting stuff Kim, LOVE the carpet and intrigued by the "popping" of floors! We are starting a "heatwave" here in Madison today, temps in the mid 30's, which after high of -15 earlier in the week is quite a shift.

  2. The cold everywhere was awful! I am glad things are starting to fall into place.

  3. Happy weekend, Kim ~ you are rocking and rolling!! Love your new faucet!

  4. All your accomplishments and plans are Great!!! Isn't it fun to start over????!!!!!

  5. Love the sneak peak of the wall treatment you did Kim! So excited to see it all and curious about which stain you'll be choosing. And yes, Dyson rocks! Have a great and productive weekend!

  6. much to look forward to! Thanks for the peek...

  7. I just used the same carpet in the client's house. It does ROCK!!
    Have a great (warm!) weekend!

  8. Whoooohooo what progress! Love the carpet and the painted brick! Good luck this weekend! Xo Nancy

  9. I have almost the exact same carpet on the stairs leading to my basement. Love it. The painted wall looks amazing. You are making such great progress.

  10. Love your snip-its...And, I love your "girl" poster! Hope it warmed up a bit for you. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! xoxo

  11. that faucet... love it. I get so excited over fixtures. Why is that?

  12. That carpet for the stairs down to the basement - I LOVE it. I can't wait to see it! And thanks or the good word on the Dyson. I've been considering.

  13. Wow, Kim all great stuff! Loving all of your choices and cannot wait to see more of your new home!!



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