Monday, February 3, 2014

Gloss. Black. Indeed.

I really hate to complain ... but I was looking forward to a fabulous Monday ... and it all got shot to hell by one phone call this morning.  Oh so sorry, we've had a snag honing your countertops ... so now we cannot be there until tomorrow.

Ugh.  okay.  So I am bringing you my Bright Spot of the Day.
Bright. And. Black.

On my quest to eliminate red brick from the inside of our home, I armed myself with my favorite Gloss Black and turned up the volume on the Basement fireplace.

I will do a full reveal of this room very shortly ... just tweaking a few more things.

However, I know you like a good Before and After Shot.

So just to put things in perspective ... here's where we started:

We did have the drop ceiling removed and now have a plastered ceiling with can lights.  What a difference they made as well.

The Red and Glass clock used to hang in our Mudroom.

I absolutely LOVE the way the gloss also camoflauges 
the tv!

What a little Gloss can do to bring a little life to the show!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. What a great way to disguise the one eyed monster! Love it.

  2. Ummm yes please to the gloss black, LOVE IT!!!

  3. I love the before and after pictures! Fabulous!

  4. SO much better!! Oooh, and I saw a teensy peek of white walls, didn't I?? :)

  5. Love the transformation! What a huge change...for the better:)

  6. I think the black is perfect! So much better... can't wait for the reveal!

  7. You did that fireplace a giant favor! People need to understand that paneling and brick are often better painted.

  8. You did that fireplace a giant favor! People need to understand that paneling and brick are often better painted.

  9. The wonders of paint!! I love the glossy black, Kim!! I have a similar fireplace and ours was painted PEACH when we bought this house. You have never seen a can of paint whipped out so fast. First thing I painted!

  10. Fantastic Kim! what a great impact, ans so stylish. I love it, and love that the tv isn't so dominant. Hope your counters get in today! Xo Nancy

  11. Such a smart girl. I think I may have been a little afraid to paint a fireplace gloss black but not you! Way to take the bull by the horns. I love it!!

  12. Looking so good, can't wait to see more. Bad countertop people.

  13. What an amazing transformation! Who'd a thought of black gloss--you, my dear! It is gorgeous.

  14. Really adorable post. I love each pictures which shows unique designs and it is good to have these type of decorations for the home.Bedroom Designs


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