Thursday, October 10, 2013

Powder Room - Week 2 ORC Link Up!

Week Two of Linda's ORC Link Up.

I hope you are following along the 20 designers and diy'ers she has on Wednesdays too!

Last week I showed you an inspiration photo.  
Glamorous and Simple.

This week I bring my take on things.

The Road to My Design ... 

1.  Pagoda Mirror.
2.  Firecracker Paint.
3.  Elephant Prints by our Friend Jennifer!
4. Leontine ... luxe hand towels!!
5.  Boxwoods ... I need green. For Balance.
6.  Gold Chevron Wastebasket.

When this powder room was evolving ... I wanted this:


This is when real decisions start to be made.  I REALLY wanted this Quadrille wallpaper which lead me to the hexagon floor.  I only needed 5 rolls of wallpaper.  This Q paper isn't stocked.  You have to special order it with a set up fee of $100.00 plus you have to purchase a minimum of 10 single rolls.

Yes, I probably could have found someone to buy the rest, or sat on it ... but couldn't justify basically doubling the price for the paper.

I had to sit back and re-group.  And as I did this mental re-grouping I found these 18X18  Thassos Marble tiles on special at my favorite tile store.

Ultimately I did make the decision to go for the large white tiles for several reasons.

The 18X18 tiles helped make the room seem larger.
Far better price,
I was so tired of the dark green flooring and this brought the light and shine!
And the new wallpaper I chose (check in next week!) looks dynamite with the white!

If you have a minute please visit me here.  Tiffany is doing a Fall thing ... I don't really decorate the inside for fall.  Not since the kids were really little and we had "Mr. Spooky" hanging from the ceiling to scare little costumed creatures knocking on the door!

So instead, Get inspired by beautiful White Farm Houses and Fall Foliage!

Thanks for stopping by and supporting me in the Link Up!  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Checking in from Rome , isn't that sick that I still check the blogs on vacation? Love your collage and covet your pagoda mirror! Your floor is great!!!!
    Xo Nancy

  2. What a tease! I can't wait to see the wallpaer you selected!! going over to Tiffany's now, I'm excited to see what you did for fall ;)

  3. Funny how the right things just fall into place sometimes! You can't go wrong with a beautiful tile like that and I am excited to see the wallpaper!

  4. Hook, line, and sinker! I'll be back next week to see that paper!

  5. The floors look gorgeous and I'm so jealous of that mirror Kim!!!! This will DEFINITELY be a Fabulous Powder room!

  6. Your mirror. I can't stop staring at that amazing mirror!! :)

  7. I'm dying over that mirror too. Good choice on the floors - you can redecorate many times for years to come and never get tired of it!

  8. this is going to look so great. that mirror is aces! can't wait to see the paper.

  9. Yes, yes, like most of the previous comments, that MIRROR is the star!

  10. I like this direction....can't wait to see the wallpaper!

  11. I love your plans! The original tile choice was gorgous, too, but I think the white marble will be more versatile in the long run. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  12. Did you get that mirror? I hope you did, it's my favorite. Jennifer's print will look great in this space. That tile is beautiful, and a score.

  13. Oh my!! If you weren't so sweet we'd hate you for that mirror!!

  14. That floor is beautiful! I wouldn't be able to use that wallpaper either. Can't wait to see what you chose to replace it.

  15. I have found that the best rooms evolve and grow from the original plan. Your marble floor is gorgeous and I know the rest of the space will be equally so!

  16. Kim, the floor looks great...and THAT MIRROR!!!!! STUNNING!!!
    Can't wait for next week!

  17. I'm honored to be a part of your powder! Everything you're doing is GORGEOUS and I cannot wait to see it finished!!

  18. Your plan is gorgeous and so is that tile! Can't wait to see the paper you picked!!


  19. I love the super gorgeous gold pagoda mirror and the chevron basket. The wallpaper and the hexagon floors are so fabulous a well. Can't wait to see the new wallpaper you picked, Kim!


  20. I'm crushing on your design board. (Hello, pagoda mirror!) Your room will be simply fabulous--can hardly wait to see the finally reveal!

  21. Oh, Kim!! This is going to look FANTASTIC!!! I love all of your choices, and I cannot wait to see your wallpaper selection!

    The Glam Pad


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