Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cotton Pickin' Tuesday ...

 Significant for two reasons.  One, all day yesterday I couldn't keep straight that it was Monday not Tuesday.  Don's work schedule has been whacky and it has me totally screwed up as well.  

So ... here's the cotton pickin' part ... 

How lucky am I that I have a friend sweet enough to accept my weirdness and has enough spunk in herself to pick me some cotton!!

Part of what makes Fall for me is all the texture that nature gives.  Besides pumpkins, which I do love ... yes, even in their orange state!  I do love the white ones as well ... but let's not forget how I feel about orange.  I digress.

So Lynn travels this road almost daily as she heads to work.  
She has been giving me the scouting report.

Then, like all good crops ... picking time presented itself.  
She stopped, she picked, she packed and she delivered!

I have been delicately trying to get all the little "stuff" out of the cotton ... But then I poured myself a glass of wine.  Patience is not my strength. 
Guess I'll work on it a little more tonight! 

So when I say I have been pickin' cotton you'll know I am not telling a lie.  

I remember passing this "southern snow" in the fields driving to and from Auburn while I was in school.  It's truly amazing how the fields go on for what seems forever.

I know ... it still needs a little (LOT) of work ... but I knew you would appreciate it!

Oh yeah, and I picked these Montauk Daisies out of my garden last night ... supposed to get the kind of freeze this week that kills everything.  I might as well go ahead and enjoy them!

It's going to be a Real Tuesday ... all day!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. That cotton "in the raw" brings back memories for me too.

  2. I think it is beautiful even "unpicked"...have a wonderful Tuesday!! xoxo

  3. Those fields are beautiful, I've never seen them in person! My parents were in TX one year when they were ready for pickin' and brought some home for my little guy to share at school, all the CO kids were impressed. :)

  4. LOVE THE COTTON- so lucky to have the real thing. It is a beautiful bouquet and so unique. Have a great day. Hope the freeze didn't kill anything.
    xo Nancy

  5. Oh I love cotton fields! Once...years ago...when we were driving thru the Midwest we stayed at a motel next to beautiful cotton fields just like your photos. I was so excited and told my husband I wanted to grab some and get a photo before we leave. Well...7:00am the next morning the cotton pickin machines were out harvesting and we had to run out and grab some before it was all gone! Ha...thanks for sparking that fun memory this morning!

  6. I had that very same problem all day yesterday. What is it with this week?!

  7. Wow, the basket of cotton is BEAUTIFUL. I has never occurred to me to pick and display it like that! It appears you have just turned me into a hopeless cotton thief. :)
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  8. I know what you mean. My daughter was on fall break all last week and yesterday too. Today was a bit of a challenge. The cotton in the basket is beautiful, as are your pretty flowers!

  9. Beautiful cotton fields and I have daisies and other flowers that I've been talking to all week in anticipation of the freeze. I might cover them with plastic or something... Great idea to use them as cut flowers. I might do the same thing...


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