Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Snip-It's ... my Week via Instagram!

1.  My Grandmother had gourds like this hanging in her garden.  Love the vibe!
2.  Urban Outfitters Duvet ... Inspiration for a 14 year old's room.
3.  Dresser Inspiration for the same Cute Girl's room.
4.  My REAL mirror for the Powder Room ... Yes I would love this one.  But this is my reality!
5.  e-design client ... painting a house!
6.  Auburn Football.  Visiting Erin last weekend!  War Eagle Baby!
7.  Antique Dresser found thrifting to go in said Cute Girl's Room!
8.  Byron is kind of a woos.
9.  e-design client.  Mirrored night stands delivered. These Rock! 

It was a short week here, Tropical Storm Karen stopped my travel home from Auburn so I spent a lovely night at the Westin at the Atlanta Airport Sunday night ... with no suitcase.  Then up and at'em early Monday morning arriving here stinky and tired by 3 pm.  I survived the rush and thoroughly looking forward to Friday Night Cocktails!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. You deserve a cocktail after such a bad start to the week. Hope this weekend is a good one!!

  2. Love that UA duvet! My Rio is too, she was afraid of a big mushroom in the yard after all of our rains! Cheers to Friday! :)

  3. You were close at that Westin! My brother was traveling from NY to Florida and spent Sunday with us. Slowed his return, but we enjoyed the visit.
    The bed side mirrored tables are awesome.

  4. Your still pretty perky despite your misadventure Kim and I think that's what still makes your week very fulfilling and happy! In love with that dresser for the cute girl's room! Have a great weekend!

  5. You're adorable. Wish Gibbs could meet Byron! Have a great weekend and love the cute girls room ideas!
    Xo Nancy

  6. Long week...cheers to Friday Happy Hour!

  7. It looks like a busy, but productive week! Sorry to hear about your travel woes. I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend! xoxo

  8. Now that's a bummer! I'm sure you enjoyed that cocktail...


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