Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Neiman Marcus + Target

I am not really certain what this was all about ... but it was WIN for me.  Did you see the Target things in Neiman Marcus or the NM things in Target over the holidays?  

Pretty clever marketing ... I guess ... I hope it worked for them!

So as you know I have been on the 'tray' shopping circuit lately ... one of which I needed was for ME!  I was running in Target last week and spied these pretty glam cocktail shaker and high ball glasses.

Then it took me a minute to focus ... what is that TRAY underneath those fun glasses????

Original Price $79.99 ... It came home at $39.99 ... I was pretty psyched.  Now YOU can have it for $23.99.  

Here it sits in my "new" sunroom ... still in progress ... this sure brought a little sparkle in!!


Thank you TargetNeimanMarcus!!




  1. I copied that tray. At the time it was 80...too much for Target. 24 is a steal.

  2. I was amazed when I saw this huge sign in Target that said Neiman Marcus! MC was on line....I left him and ran, did not walk! A 72 year old woman running in Target is a sight for sore eyes!!!
    There wasn't much there, but if I had extra in my frugal stash this month, I would have bought something, anything, just to show my support!!!
    BTW, the tray is a gem!!

  3. i bought it all when it was full price = then had to go back every time and get price adjustments - the bike was my fave purchase i gotta' say - i couldn't get the tray or cups b/c i have zero gold in my house- but i ADORE them!

  4. That is a huge tray- Im going to go get it, what a deal, and so well made; not cheap at all.
    The sale prices are great.
    xo Nancy

  5. I need to run into Target for a few things and I'll see if they still have any -- wish me luck!

  6. Kim...I am SOOO jealous about that tray. I was waiting all during the holidays for that baby to go on sale and it sold out of our area Target before it did. You scored! Now I might have to go on the hunt again! Happy New Year! Like the new look btw...

  7. I love that tray.....I'm looking for one just like that! You scored girl! I'm going to have to see if there is any left.


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