Friday, May 3, 2013


I follow StyleBluePrint.  Being a Nashville Girl who hasn't been "home" in almost twenty years ... it's fun for me to see what is happening and how my favorite music town is  Rockin' along!

On April Fool's Day this year they did a funny little post on Paper Clothing.  
Are any of y'all old enough to remember this?  

I must tell the truth, that when I read their post, I couldn't wait to tell my kids Paper Hostess Clothing was making a comeback.  Then I realized it was an April Fool's Joke!  Oh, man, how queer am I???? I have told my kids for years about my "Paper Clothing" era.  They think I am weird, that's okay ... it was truly weird!!

On Wednesday I was showing off my new found Q Couture and it caused a little reminiscence of Paper Clothing and My Mom's and My matching "Shower Curtain" jumpsuits.

There might have been a misunderstanding when I wrote about this.  My Mother did NOT make these outfits for us.  I made these outfits for us. Yep, I was the girl who made her own clothes!!

Proceed with Caution ... this is 1977 everyone!!

Family Reunion in Greenville, Alabama ... My Sweet Nanny on the left and me and my parents on the right! Digging the clothes and the sideburns!

Evidently My Dad had the hand on the hip trend "back in the day!" 

Next time you are thinking about MATCHING a parent or a child ... or your TABLE ... or your Shower Curtain ... I say Do It!! 

I do hear rumblings that the "jumpsuit" is making a comeback ... go get yourself one!!  Happy Friday!




  1. LOL Kim you are a hoot! I was very little when the paper clothes thing was around but grandmother taught art and I vaguely remember her paper clothes assignment.
    Cute jumpsuit!

  2. You are adorable! I remember that. I made all my clothes too, and made a jumpsuit! We would have been bff's back then, I'm sure! Your dad was so those old pictures.
    Xo Nancy

  3. I have never heard of this but these pictures are amazing!!!

  4. Kim, I totally remember those jumpsuits and think I even made one myself in a sewing class I took over a summer! That is so funny, you and your mom in matching outfits! And your dad with his hand on his hip! :)

  5. What fun and it was delightful see the photo's!
    Never sewed ......I can't even take up a hem. I really am totally useless!

  6. Your post made me sentimental Kim - I remember as a child, my mom used to have these maxi dresses made for her and me that matched! I miss her so much since she lives 18,000 miles across the sea. :-(

  7. How fun.....I had to laugh at you and your mother wearing the same outfit...I was meeting my daughter for lunch the other day and we both showed up in jeans and a blue and white striped shirt....some man started laughing at us and asked if we had planned it!


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