Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Color Infusion!

Thanks so much for hanging with me while I tromped off to NYC for a little ... LOT ... of Inspiration.  BlogFest 2013 hosted by Kravet.  I feel like I have had an IV POUR of inspiration ... and will share it all with you over the next few posts!

In the meantime, here' what really resonated with me while in the City and at BlogFest and at the Kip's Bay Showhouse ...

COLOR is Back in a STATEMENT kind of Way!

On the Street.
In the Stores.
In Design.

Oh Happy Day for Me!!

I hope you will drop back by to see how I was inspired ... and take the ideas Home!




  1. This jewelry is a beauty! I can't wait to see what you did and saw at the BlogFest Kim!

  2. Oh you can bet I'm staying tuned. I feel quite out of touch actually so busy with work and sewing every night. This will be great to catch up on the latest.

  3. I can't stop looking at this picture. I know it's jewelry and I know the point is the color, but what is that supposed to be? Looking forward to hearing about your "IV POUR of inspiration"...;)

  4. I'm with Tiffany--this picture is mesmerizing! I'm really looking forward to hear everything you have to say about Blogfest! Hope you have lots of pictures, too.

  5. Can't wait to hear about it! Youre probably on stimulus overload at the moment, PLUS EXHAUSTED. Hope your week goes well. Welcome home Erin!
    xo Nancy

  6. I'm so glad and I cant wait to hear about it...

  7. Is that a bracelet or necklace? Love its vibrant color! Looking forward to see pictures and hear all about it!

    P/S: By the way, I was invited to curate for Arcadian Home recently and the sale goes live today. Don't forget to check out my collection and let me know your thoughts! :)



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