Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend ORC Warrior!

So this is TUESDAY... NOT the official ORC update day.  But the ORC is wrapping up this week with our final Reveal next Wednesday.  Well ... I need the extra time!!

And it was warm enough to bring out the Spray Paint!

Last week, Alice and I trekked up to Essex to do a little antiquing.  We had a ball ... more to come on Friday about our Day.

But for now ... I found this little bamboo table base.  Without a top.  Exactly what I was looking for.

Sneaking a peek at how well it works ... but it is yucky dark brown.

I am thinking a Glossy Black will be much better. 

First time I have EVER spray painted in the Snow!!  But it was close to 50 outside and the sun was shining.  I was in business!!

Check back tomorrow to see how Fab this looks!

And then, there is this ... 

You are witnessing my downfall.  I cannot pass up a good magazine.  Well ... those days are over.  

Yep, this is a December BH issue ... not even out of the plastic yet!

I found some good storage and Will NOT renew any of my subscriptions until these are all read and pages appropriately torn out because there is something I like.  

This is my Promise.  I Promise.

Next I tackled the back of the Beast.  I told you I wanted to kick it up a notch.  I also told you I am NOT over Chevron.  So here it is.  A paper Runner from the Paper Source.  It just didn't have quite enough definition for me. 

Out comes the Navy Blue Sharpie.  Yep.  I am much happier!

I have not finished scraping the paint off yet.  I did get new razor blades.  But the Chevron is UP!

Please come back tomorrow to see how this weekend brought my Illusion Closer to My Reality!




  1. That chevron is just lovely, and the table, a real steal, good bones. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. These are great changes. I think the back of the beast may be my favorite part....although, I love painted bamboo. I have the same magazine problem. I don't even get that many, anymore and I still can't find the time to go through the few I have.

  3. Good for you-no new magazines! I love it all but I am a little envious of the table base.

  4. OOOOh So exciting, I too still like chevron. The magazine thing I can relate to as well, they seem to be taking over. In fact I was just thinking about what I would do about it, you've given me some food for thought! The bamboo piece was a great find... did you wear a mask to paint so that Linda won't be mad at you?!!!!

  5. Great find on the table base. And I know what you mean about the magazine problem. I've got three by my bed just waiting for me to open them.

  6. Glad your weather cooperated, go warrior! The magazines...I have the exact pile on my dresser!

  7. Wow...you were one busy girl! I love those kind of weekends when I have several projects going on and I am getting stuff done! The chevron looks great...looking forward to seeing the final reaveal!

  8. I love the chevron backing...great choice Kim. Good luck with Week 6 progress, and the final push. Youre almost there! I've cut back on subscriptions, too. I love the glossies with my coffee, but I see them all on blogs anyway it seems...I do love all the old issues..Hope you and the beast are getting along well this week!
    xo Nancy

  9. OH my gosh...so cool. I know what you mean about needing to get through magazines. It's fun though.


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