Thursday, March 21, 2013

Illusions ... Reality Check!

So the Big Reveal of the ORC was yesterday ... what fun and hard work took place over the past seven weeks.  I promised a follow up to give you a few more details.

Do you ever find yourself wondering ... What is Really going on around that room?  Am I looking at an Illusion?

Get Ready ... I am about to show you my Illusion and 
my Reality.
First ... This transformation wouldn't have been possible without these:

Paul and Joe ... My Illusion Wall

My GrandMother ... her Cookie Presses

My Chevron ... Chair Makeover

The Beast ... Tamed

Kerry Steele ... Abstract Art

CEKArt ... Elephant Art

The Gilded Tassel ... Chinoiserie Tray

My Tassel ... as a Tassel

Target ... Spray Paint (I got on Clearance!)

And a Whole Lot of Orange!

NOW ... the Reality ... 

Here is what I See when sitting at my desk.

Yep, the washing machine and dryer and my table for projects ... and lots of other Stuff!

Here is what I really see when I walk into the unfinished Basement ... 

My Illusion Office to the left ... the Rest Surrounds!

I still have a few little piles that need to be cleaned up ... 

The TV ... which is generally on for the White Noise and to cover the sound of the furnace! And all the other PRETTY machinery that makes the House Run!

A chair that I want to re-cover.  

Then I turn left and SEE this.  I smile ... and get to work!

So here's what you need to know ... It is possible to carve out a special area for yourself ... no matter what!!

So Go Get Your Space On!  Illusion or Reality ... 
you can do it!!

Now ... please go to Emily's blog for the 

Work with What you Have Link Party!




  1. Reality check, huh! Your office is grand, though and at least you'll love working down there. I love all your touches. Great job truly. Maybe hang drapes to mask the other stuff from your office? In due time :)

  2. Kim, it is still so pretty. I might consider moving my chair to the other side so that all of that pretty was right in front of me.
    My husband is slowly giving me an "illusion studio" in my basement.

  3. Great post. I'm glad to know my basement isn't the only one filled with crazy piles of 'stuff'. :) Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. I could easily disregard the 'reality' while I was sitting in that gorgeous office! Fun post and great job, girl! :)

  5. You're ready for filming a TV show down there! Or getting work as an Expert Set Stylist! LOVE LOVE LOVE what you've done! The chair redo is KILLER! XXX

  6. Love this post! Thanks for keeping it real for all of us that work so hard to style photos for our blogs!

  7. Love the behind the scenes look! Thanks for sharing it all!

  8. This was the best! It actually looks like a movie set. I am so impressed with your illusion.

  9. Regardless, your illusion is gorgeous. Glad it makes you smile:)

  10. Love the office, and how you're keeping it real!


  11. I agree with Linda--it looks like a TV or movie set with all of the other reality around :) The office turned out soooo good! Thanks for linking up :)


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