Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Art Inspiration!

I have had such fun with "new" artists on Etsy ... Since Don and I  are more in the age range of Down Sizing ... I am not doing a whole lot at home.  

Design Boards give me the opportunity to think outside my normal box and make up rooms I'd love to live in!

I am finding that the Art is what is inspiring me!

Check out the fun pieces from Clare in her Etsy Shop.  Elephants, Zebras, and Color Infusion all the Way!!  She'll custom for you ... color/size/image!

Hope your Friday is Full of Color!!

I am still Taming The ORC Beast ... and bringing in the Color!




  1. I'm on my way over...maybe this will be the end of my elephant hunting?

  2. Thanks, Kim!!! Gives me a great idea for a girl's room I'm working on! Happy Friday!

  3. I have been an etsy fool lately. I just can't get enough! Thanks for sharing your finds.

  4. these are so fun and I LOVE the colors that she uses in the paintings! great find


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