Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ORC ... Week Six ... Oh My!

Welcome Back ... I have had such fun in the previous Challenges working with Clients to achieve a new look in a part of their home.  

This Challenge I took on Myself.  And I made a commitment to really keep costs down and Shop in My own Home.
You can click on the weeks below to see the beginnings if you missed something!

I came up with some fun ideas based all around things I currently have.  I hope you like them and that they encourage you to Shop Your Home First!

About 15 years ago my Mom and her best friend decided to enter a Doll House into a fun contest supporting a Charity.  I am sorry to say I cannot remember the Charity ... but they won 3rd place out of about 50 Doll Houses submitted!  Mother gave the House and the Furniture to my girls.  And as you can imagine it has been locked up tight in the Attic since they outgrew that phase of their life.  

I broke the items free to create a room for my new Hutch!

And because I am loving Clare's Art so much ... I used it to give this Traditional Furniture a more Hip Vibe.  I'd like to move in!!  She even signed it for me!!  

Don't you love the way the Glass Shelves PLAY with the Chevron???

Yes, I have an original!! 

When I cleaned out my parent's home last year I couldn't let go of these 60's vibe Sherry Glasses.  There were only three left.  They have become the new Home for these ... 

My Bamboo Tray Stand has a Starring Role Holding Up all my Client Projects!

My champagne Bowl ... Now houses my Samples.  And I can dump those samples in a heartbeat when it is time for the Bubbly!!

All those Magazines ... neatly corralled right here in my Orange Magazine Boxes!  I actually had several of these and I added two more!

These two represent my Split Personality!!

A little more fun in the Accessory Department.

Okay ... I did BUY one thing ...

Kerry Steele ... Yep.  I couldn't resist!

Can you Blame Me??

The Hutch was missing some shelves ... those are in the works.  The Beast is almost Tamed!

You might remember my chair make-over.  I really want a new one, but that is going to have to come later!!

Next week is the final reveal and I have one MAJOR piece left on my List.  The Chandelier.  I really wanted two matching ones.  I was not finding two of anything that I liked, or could afford!  Then ... Alice ... she is a treasure trove of unlikely things ... said, I have a chandelier if you'd like one. 

Well, YES!!!  Don says he can re-wire my unfinished ceiling to give me ONE centered chandelier.  Well, why did they wait so long to tell me this??? I think they were truly tired of my talking about it and wanted to shut me up!  

Come back next week to see the Final Reveal and this little baby all dolled up in her new role in My Illusion!!

Thank you all so much for cheering us on and keeping us focused to get these Rooms DONE!  Please pop over to my sweet Challenge Friends ... and see what they are up to!!

And PLEASE come back next week to see the Final Reveal!!



Calling It Home


  1. Kim your hutch is looking so fantastic! I love the doll house vignette- how original and creative! The colors are so brilliant, love the orange with the gold chevron and all your accessories. GREAT job! Good luck with the lighting and the final touches.
    xo Nancy

  2. Everything is looking so great!! So impressed!

  3. I love all of this. You have such a fun eye for color and pattern. You must be so happy to have the beast finished. Those client boxes are beautiful. Did you tell us where you got them? I am copying the paperclip in glasses idea. It may be a problem, come 5 O'clock?

    1. Oh! These magazine boxes and the Client Project Boxes are from The Container Store ... they have several fun colors!! xo

  4. That is such a fun idea in a grown up, pulled together space - I love the addition of the hip dollhouse room! So whimsical and of course the fabulous art just makes it!

  5. OMG, Kim that dollhouse furniture vignette is the bomb! I have some treasured dollhouse furniture that my grandfather made and I want to display it now.
    I am glad you like my little painting too.

  6. You are so inventive Kim. Loving this room so much I can't wait to see it next week. That chandelier will be the perfect finishing touch!

  7. such a cool idea to display just a room from the dollhouse. My dad built one for my sister and I when we were girls and I'm saving it for Wells when she's bit older because the furniture was so nice. My dad is most definitely not the building type so this is such a treasure to me. I love the idea of creating a room to display. Totally copying your idea!

  8. Things are looking great! I love the chevron backdrop. And the chair is gorgeous of course;) I need to get some orange magazine holders now!

  9. It looks awesome! Please share where the orange boxes are from...I need those in my life!

  10. Oh, Kim ~ the dollhouse vignette in there is beyond adorable! Love the lively colors and your unique accessories, and art! :)

  11. Just love the dollhouse vignette and all the yummy colors. Kerry Steele is popping up all over the ORC!

  12. I wish that mini-room was real! looking fabulous Kim! can't wait to see the final reveal!

  13. Awesome Kim!! I love getting a little peek at all your details! Loving the Pink and Tangerine and that chandy is a total star!!

  14. I love all the beautiful door house furniture! Those orange boxes are fabulous! Can't wait to see the reveal next week!


  15. This is darling!! I love the colors and love the Kerry Steele. There are three of us using her works on this challenge!! yea!

  16. I love Kerry's work.....she is so talented! Everything is looking good so I can't wait to see the finished chandelier! See ya next week!

  17. Kim the Illusion is becoming quite "A BEAUTIFUL PLACE!"
    You have done magic with all the items!
    Looking forward to that Chandelier......

  18. Kim, you have done a fantastic job and have really transformed the space. I love your use what you have approach , too!

  19. I love Kerry's work! Looking good so far!

  20. All that color- I LOVE IT!!!

  21. I love love love it so far. Can't wait until next week!

  22. Oh, wow, Kim! I LOVE that painting you got from Kerry! The colors couldn't be more perfect for your space. I'm glad to know about Clare's store. Your chandelier is going to be beautiful. Can't wait to see your reveal next week!

  23. Cant wait to see the finished room...looking good!

  24. Kim,

    I have dollhouses from the 30's with fabulous furniture that are now resting peacefully in the attic too until my daughter has children...I loved that piece of this potst...and the hutch...completely fab!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I just added a bunch of orange to my own home office. Your office is beautiful and you've done a great job organizing everything. I especially like how budget-conscious you've been with your choices.


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