Thursday, September 1, 2011

A few words about wine ...

Why am I writing about wine on Kim’s design blog you ask? That’s a fabulous question. Unless you have been living in a cave on Tonga until recently or just regained consciousness from a twenty year coma, you’re probably aware that there are a million wine blogs already residing comfortably out in the terroir of cyberspace. Many, if not all of which are written by people with far greater wine knowledge than me, have at least a minimal  grasp of prose and are in general, infinitely more qualified to take on such an endeavor. That alone is enough reason to add another…

You can find anything and everything you ever wanted to know about wine on the internet (thank you Al Gore, we are forever indebted). There are volumes of information on every varietal from Cabernet to Chenin Blanc, Semillon to Grignolino. No doubt some bedlamite even has a blog dedicated to the delights of Legorthi, the favored wine of the Peloponnesian’s. So here’s my other motive to write; I am a wine drinker, I like the majority of them and in complete indifference to my liver, kidneys and other affected organs have sampled my fair share....and probably the fair shares of a many along the way. 

Other than to give Kim a day off from writing hers I simply wanted to give a wine amateurs insight to “stuff” in the wine world. Some days I may bash away at the glut of over oaked, over extracted and over produced Chardonnay on the market (hey all you oaky Chardonnay drinkers out there I can hear you already… “Whaddya mean, whaddya mean, I love my oaky Chardonnay you jerk”. Take a breath, I didn’t say I hated it or that it completely sucks, hell I haven’t even written the article yet so swallow a pill before you get all over me about the delights of this mass produced paramour. You will have plenty of time for that later).  Other days I might natter on about the absurdity of the hundred dollar wine glass or simply reflect about what Kim and I drank over the weekend. Regardless of the topic, I hope the blog brings you a laugh or two, provides some insight into the wine world but most importantly, gives you the inspiration to go pour a glass and sit back to drink in the beauty of the moment. Life is short, enjoy the wine. 



  1. and I will enjoy reading about it!..A couple of weekends ago, we were invited to a wine tasting party. The family is from Croatia and we were able to taste wines from all over the world and I have to favorite was the Croatian wine that was served toward the end of the night. (Don't know the type, was red... but it was good!) HA! He saved the best for last!

    Nothing better than spending time with good friends over several glasses of wine! Looking forward to reading more...

  2. I have to say, I am excited about this... an unexpected surprise! Lord knows, I love to drink wine and I cannot wait to read your thoughts on the subject, Don! Thanks!


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