Monday, March 24, 2014

Barn Doors … and a kitchen update.

In our Farm Road House we used Barn Door Hardware to hang the doors to our SunRoom.

We wanted the room to be separate, but didn't want the doors to be in the way when open.

We searched for old doors to use, but just didn't find exactly what we were looking for.

So we bought stock doors from Home Depot and painted them up.

I loved the look and feel of the real barn hardware.

If you follow me on IG you know that we made a trip to Kennebunk, Maine last week to look for old doors for our ProjectDownSize house.

One of my favorite places … I blogged about it here.

We loved the barn style doors so much that we are going to replicate them in our kitchen.

But this time we want something different … 

Size was a major factor … we either needed one large door at 52" wide or 2 smaller doors that would could hinge together to get to the right size.

I came a cross this photo a few months ago and loved the feel of these doors … 

A little Fancier than I wanted … but a look to consider.

Here's what we found … 

52 1/2" wide.  Perfection.
An original Wood Panel from an 1823 House … 

It has the most beautiful soft green patina … the original paint color.  

She needs a little scrub and then she'll be ready for some accessorizing.

Her new Hardware!

Hopefully this beauty will be covering the new pantry shelves very soon!

Happy Monday my friends!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. What a fun trip looking for old doors, and I love the one you found- such great hardware. I have barn door hardware in our barn that is awesome and I love the use for the home, and your pantry! Have a great week! Xo Nancy

  2. I am so very envious of your new "door". I have been wanting to add some old elements to my new house too.

  3. Fabulous! Can't wait to see the door installed!

  4. Your doors turned out wonderfully! I'm about ready to do some barn door hardware myself, any tips? And you 'new' door and hardware are amazing!!

  5. Ooohhh! so excited Kim, I can just imagine it, it will be absolutely be gorgeous in your kitchen!

  6. Love that you're using architectural salvage in your new place. Makes such a unique and personal statement!

  7. Love the black doors. The antique one you found is going to add so much character and charm.

  8. That door and hardware are fabulous. Can't wait to see it installed.

  9. FUN!!!! Can't wait to see it installed! Love the hardware!

  10. Wow - that's going to be stunning! Great find!

  11. Oh Kim, what a find! Gorgeous!!! And I love that you used regular French doors in your last house with the barn door hardware, that is a great look as well!

  12. Wow, it's absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the bright pops of color throughout the holiday decor!! Lovely space! Your arrangements are lovely! You always bring such grace & beauty to the world. Wishing you a wonderful. wonderful kitchen

  13. I love Kennybunk... what a cool place! The door is amazing... and I love that you are going to leave the paint original!


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