Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Snip - Its … Is it over YET?

March is what I am talking about.  ICK.  I am over it and looking forward to April in a big way!!

Here's how I ended the month …

1.  Hoping to use this rug in an office I am working on.
2.  Kitchen Island Legs … in the house. Need them IN!
3.  Paint options for a custom piece in the making.
4.  Beautiful Custom Bedding for a client got delivered.  Stunning.  I need new linens.
5.  Snapchat?  Do you use it?  
It's keeping me in touch with my children!
6.  DIY project.  With Tools.  Be concerned!
7. This Animal Print … someone needs to use this!
8.  These Wood Shade products.  New to me.
Eager to try them out.
9.  Can it be?  Pansies!  Hallelujah!

Have a wonderful weekend, we are expecting rain.  
Meaning No Snow.
I couldn't be happier!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. I agree... March could not end fast enough! Great paint finish and fabrics! Happy Weekend!

  2. Have a great weekend! Praying for warm weather. Love those boys in the middle and all your colorful going's on..xo Nancy

  3. Cant' wait to see that rug Kim and those legs for your kitchen? Fab! Have a great weekend. Not into snapchat yet, too busy with the other social media stuff for now. :-)

  4. Cheers to rain and not snow! Hallelujah!! Island legs….ooooh. Can't wait to see. Also the leopard print - I think it comes in green/blue too…..looooooo.ooove. Happy weekend Kim!

  5. I'm with you! March has not been the weather friend I was hoping it would be. Cheers to April!

  6. That is one nice leopard print. I gave a sample of that rug to a client last week! Happy no snow weekend!

  7. In love with that pink leopard...and can't wait to see your kitchen island!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm kicking march out with a swift kick of my foot --this month was just awful waiting for april with a big smile on my face. love the leopard print -- does it come in other color ways?


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