Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Snip - Its ... and A Winner!

1.  Celebrating My Daddy's 87th Birthday!
2.  Fiddle Leaf Fig Extravaganza for a client.
3.  Grate Inspiration for the Red Room.
4.  Turquoise Chevron taking center stage in 
Sammy's Room.
5. Winner Announced Today!
6.  Tried to embrace the "modern" element.  
Not happening.  Leaving the House.
7.  Beautiful night in Boston last weekend.
8. Winner of An Affair with a House!!
9.  Stainless Refrigerator.  IN the House.

This week saw a few projects in progress ... and some longer daylight is helping the psyche!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad and congrats to Elizabeth! I know youre crazy busy and enjoying the girls home on break..have a great weekend! xo Nancy

  2. I am loving those scones! You know me and modern! And that fiddle looks amazing! Congrats to Elizabeth... Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your dad looks amazing,and Happy Birthday wishes! Yeah for Elizabeth.

  4. Happy birthday to your Dad and to your Fiddle Leaf!

  5. Wahoo!! Thanks for the book! And happy birthday to your Dad!

  6. Happy Birthday to your dad! My father is 91 and still going strong!

  7. Happy birthday to your Dad. It all looks amazing. I have loved that light from Ikea it is so cute and it looks cute where you have it hanging. Love the basket for blankets too in front of the fireplace. Everything looks beautiful.decorate-house-interior

  8. Belated happy birthday to your dad Kim!


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