Friday, August 2, 2013

My Life Via Instagram ... Summer Staples

1.  Best Seats Ever.  Thanks Don!
2.  Official Time Keeper of the Tour de Suisse.
3.  Contemplating the Brick ... to paint or not to paint.
6.  Family Night with the Red Sox.
4.  Vintage Chinese WaterColors. 
5.  Cooper.  It's Summer ... here's my Ball ... don't you want to play?
7.  Super Chic Idea for a tablecloth with Vintage Lace.  I'll be doing this one!
8.  One YaYa and her family in town for a visit ... Rain moved the lobster fest inside!
9.  Feeling the Love for Plaid this Fall.  Are you game?

Happy WEEKEND my sweet friends 
and thank you as always for continuing to stop by for a visit!

Making the World more Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Cool summer staples. Love that they don't relate but tell your story. I'll pass on the plaid ;)

  2. I'm loving your pictures. I just need a summer version of the plaid.

  3. Hi Cooper, Gibbs would love to play with you. I love your snippets of what youre doing. I want to go to Fenway Park! that sounds awesome. We're trying to get to a Nationals game in DC this summer. I hope you do not paint that brick, I love it. Have a great weekend. Cant wait to see you!
    xo Nancy

  4. I loved the pictures! Don't paint the brick!

  5. Loving Cooper, baseball, and UN-painted brick, but I'm not much of a plaid girl! :)

  6. I haven't joined Instagram yet....looks like you had a busy day...I love the whitewashed brick...


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