Monday, August 5, 2013

How did I not know?

Happy Monday my friends!  

You know I love a good Brimfield find.  And here is one that I missed last month. 
 I will hunt them down in September.  Please, please ... let them be there in September!!

These blue and white bags are by Ahinsa Lifetime Weavers.  A company based in Massachusetts that creates opportunities for income and growth for the workers that hand weave these bags with cotton and banana fibers in Karnataka, India.

I love how the basket sits ready at the waiting for a beautiful laundry setting in this French Inspired Farmhouse in Los Angeles.

These might even make ME want to do laundry!


Brimfield is BIG.  Really BIG.  If anyone knows what field these were in, please share!

Hope it is a good week for you ... wherever your hunt takes you!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Those baskets are so pretty! I can think of a number of ways I can use them in my home! hope your lucky next month Kim and show us what you do with them!

  2. Very cool. Love these! Not sure they'd make me love laundry but they are very pretty. :)

  3. Hmmm, I think I need at least one. Let me know if you find them.

  4. Oh wow, I want one, too. I'm sure they will be there in September.

  5. Oh my goodness. You could buy up a dozen and resell them to ALL OF US!!!! want one.
    see you soon! Can't wait.
    xo Nancy

  6. Hey Kim - the baskets are amazing! I'd snap one up for myself!

  7. Do you believe I've lived in this state my whole life and have never gone to Brimfield? These could get me to go though…..and I love the backstory of them. So cool.

  8. I love these! I want to go to Brimfield :(

  9. Oh, I was there yesterday and bought myself some fabric at $20/yd to make my own bag of some sort. I hope I can do it! And you can see them plain as day right from the road, but I'm not sure what field they're in. About halfway down from the white church on the same side as the white church, if that helps. Or maybe you've already been and bought lots of bags - either way, enjoy!


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