Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to the Home Tour ... Our Living Room ...

A couple of weeks ago on my Friday Snip-its ... I discussed brick.

To paint or Not to paint.

The images I shared ... I agree with you totally.  DON'T Paint.

But here's what I have ... and no, the fact that a lightbulb is out is NOT the problem!

Do you see how DARK it is in that back wall and in both corners.  I tried so many ways to keep the brick and lighten it up.  

Then, I took the jump.  And painted the whole damn thing.  WHITE.

Here, I was playing with mantel colors.  Mustard.  I am not a fan of Hot Dogs.
This was short lived.

The little bar area also had no light.  I loved it ... but I just need LIGHT!

Here is is today.  White Brick, White behind the bar ... and a little door treatment in the bar area.

Red Mantel. Fun for now.

The LIGHT.  Oh how I love the LIGHT.

The Bar.  White Walls. Portrait Light. Pattern on the Doors. Love.
John Gonella Art

Again, the Before ... 

The Original Dark Corner.  Now has Light.
Favorite piece of Jane's Art.

The Whole After ... 

No Shades on Chandelier.  White Brick. Portrait Light.

Making my life brighter!

Things continue to change with the wind.  But I am so much happier with the Light.

I have fallen in love with New England.  But when it is dark at 4:30 in December, I need the light.  The painted brick delivers the goods.  

In my case.  It was necessary to Paint the Brick!

Glad you stopped by for another visit ... have a wonderful week!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. The white was a great idea and using that bar nook as a mini gallery is perfect!

  2. I like the painted brick a lot. The art behind the bar is superb.

  3. I love the white, great choice. It really freshened up that room!

  4. LOVE your living room, Kim!! In a trad house, I always love painted brick inside and out!

  5. It's gorgeous and I love how those beautiful chairs make more of an impact now! Btw, I think I said 'don't paint' and it was totally a typo, I'm 100% a paint the brick girl! :)

  6. Love the cheetah chairs! Those are so so awesome! The whole room is FANTASTIC!

  7. It looks like a brand new it white!

    The white brick is 100% !!!
    The entire room has transformed ......LOVE IT.....LOVE IT

    PS....The portrait light is genius!!!

  9. Love it KIM!!!! Painting brick is always a tough decision, I've been contemplating on painting my whole exterior actually, and hence my hesitation. But I totally agree, the white just lightened it all up and the pop of red is genius!

  10. Love the white brick...I have a white brick FP in my living room too! Definitely modernizes and updates the whole room...great art and details help...beautiful.

  11. I really love it, and I love that picture light over the painting!. Those chairs are wonderful and I love everything in there!
    xo Nancy

  12. Kim, I'm glad you painted the brick! You should have asked me a long time ago ... haha. Looks great!

  13. You make the right choice, without question. And can we talk about how much I love your chairs?!

  14. I really like it painted. The brick was nice but definitely not your aesthetic in that particular space. And I'm loving the bold red mantel! It looks great with your chairs.

  15. What an AMAZING transformation! I absolutely LOVE painted white brick! You did a fantastic job, I'm positively loving this room!!

    The Glam Pad

  16. I find it amazing that painting just one aspect of the room made such a big change to the overall look. I love what you did though. The white brick adds some brightness and the red mantel is a nice complement to the furniture. Great job! -Leeanne @ Master My List

  17. I completely agree - when you live in New England, a dark and gloomy room in the middle of winter is so depressing! White is the answer! It looks so great Kim, so full of personality!

  18. Your living room looks great! I love all the changes that you made especially the new artwork, painted brick and the red mantel. You did a good job, Kim!

    P/S: Come by and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $50 NOVICA gift card if you like. :)

    Have a good day!


  19. So much better with the painted brick. I love the pop of red shelf, too. It looks great, Kim.

  20. Looks great. I love the painted brick and I love the art.


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