Thursday, August 9, 2012

Little Surprises!

Things happening around the house ... and they have NOTHING to do with housework!!

Gone a couple of days and I  return to find all these goodies in my mudroom!!  Clients are going to be happy and this is as good as Christmas in my world!

Pillows and Roman Shades out of Duralee for a family room, boxes from Kravet!

Working on some antique Chairs ... I kind of dig this look!

Traditional Home - May 2012

But we are going to do a little more subtle Glam ... Kravet Couture ... don't ya know!

With a fun trim ... and still on the hunt for some tassels. Guess it's not going to be that subtle after all!!

Things are happening ... this is good!

What is happening in your beautiful world?




  1. Don't you just love the mail when it brings presents? Makes my day! I love that chair vibe too- especially the gold filigree on the black...FOUND a couple of ottomans on sale that I am giving the same "treatment" as we speak! Waiting on fabric swatches now...yipee!

  2. I love your MUD ROOM!!!
    What gorgeous deliveries...That is a very lucky client!
    I dig that chair!!! and the fabric in the last shop is beautiful...

  3. ooohhh, love that yellow fabric. You must post a picture of the finished product!

  4. Kim so glad to find you.Love surprise like this arriving at home!I adore your choices ... both the Duralee and then the Kravet Couture....sigh!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series


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