Friday, August 17, 2012

Animal Prints and Gallery Walls

I am doing a little reflecting on my love of animal prints (art and skins) and gallery walls.  I have been spending more and more time with my parents as they are getting older and needing a little more help.

I came across these photos of my Mom in our DEN... remember those, before the Great Room ... but after the Keeping Room!

My sweet Mom ... in the 80's!   You can tell by the "bouf" hair-do and shoulder pads!!  I give her lots of credit.  She is NOT an animal lover, but my Dad is.  So she made the best of it and made it work ... The Gallery Wall.

Sometimes I really do believe that design trends are subconscious ... I might have said this before so please forgive me!  I really believe it ... there is a comfort in things familiar.  Whether it is a good trend or a bad trend.  It's like comfort food.  And Animals and me ... we are always ON trend!!

Did you grow up with anything that continues to follow you in your own design?  Are you making it work?




  1. Mom is so pretty. Your den made me nostalgic. We had the same sofa, end table, lamp--and on my goodness, the tiny little pillow. I grew up with lots of in-your-face floral prints.

  2. I grew up with the same mom and she had a gallery wall of animal prints! My stepdad was an avid hunter and they had animal heads displayed with their animal art everywhere. My mom looked JUST like your mom!!! so funny-are we sisters?????
    xo Nancy

  3. Kim, your Mom looks so great in that photo...and I love that she incorporated your Dad's point of view (in a stylish way)...better than a mounted tigers head on the wall right?

  4. That is a fantastic gallery wall, although I am with your mother on the animals-not so much. My grandmother always had a gallery wall of old family photos and I need to get in gear and put mine up in this house.

  5. I love decorative elephants, giraffes and birds. I grew up with lots of English and Chinoiserie. I definitely think it rubbed off!

  6. The only thing consistant with the way I grew up is "California" light and bright decorating. Otherwise, we could not be more opposite. In fact, I recently spent time in my parents home and wanted to uncluttered all of it. I did do a closet while I was there.

  7. Kim, Your Mom did a fabulous job with those prints. You don't "see" animals" you see a beautiful wall gallery, classically framed!
    I wish I could live the way my Grandmother did....her style was Contemporary and Traditional all blended beautifully. She had fantastic Art Deco furnishings, with amazing pieces that her Father carried over from England on the ship when he came to "America"! I had many, but gave them to my kids. I have a few left that I need to figure out how to work into our Bucket List House. I think my love for color, design and style came from all my fond memories with her.

  8. I love the way those were hung! Kuddos to your mom! Have a great weekend Kim!

  9. Love that blast from the past Kim. I'm grateful that the plastic corn on my moms kitchen walls hasn't followed me thus far but the colours sure have. Tangerine Tango, for example, is everywhere in old photos of our house mixed with bright greens and yellow. Psychedelic Man!


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