Friday, August 31, 2012

Chicken Friday!!

I was on the way to meet with my photographer.  I had a PLAN!  We live in a town where cell phones don't always work.  She was breaking up ... but what I derived from the conversation was ... I had fifteen minutes.  Lucky for me ... my good friends Laurie and Jim live right around the corner.  They are my Nature Heroes!

They rescued some horses about a year ago. Then they built the barn.  Then they got some chickens.  

The last (first) time I saw some of these fluff balls it was on the Velvet and Linen Blog ... do you know Brooke and Steve? They are quite an AMAZING team!!  

California has the weather and I couldn't believe that we could have the same chickens in New England.  And the fact that these precious little things are really like pets.  They come when you call them!! My dogs don't even do this!! 

Please note how precious these chickens are ( NOT the GREIGE roots in my part ... it has been a long month!)  and the fact that you have to use two of their eggs to equal one of our  standard farm eggs ...  I am okay with that!

This guy is showing a little strut power! ... his feet were a little creepy ... 

My sweet friends are going hatch and sell some of the silkie  chicks for $15.00 each.  I am in the market.  I really don't need any more animals (people) to take care of ...

One of my Ya Ya's gave me this little quote ... 

Keep in touch over the next few weeks to see if I bite the bullet and say ... What the Hell?

Is there anything in your world that has you kickin' your heels to the wind and going for it?

I'd love to know!!




  1. Ok, this may sound crazy...but I wanted a potbelly pig for the longest time. They are supposedly very clean and smart. They don't shed, and can learn tricks. I actually think they are cute. My family was against the idea. On a kindergarten field trip, I ran into a farmer that would give me one. However, I learned that they can live 20ish years. I just can't make that kind of commitment.

  2. Oh, that baby chick is so cute. Ha ha. I have a big smile on my face. We had ducks at the old house but they are not friendly in the least! xo

  3. What a darling post, and you are too cute, friend! They are cute, but I have a barn full of animals, cats and dogs and that's enough for me. I did want a miniature donkey for the longest time. Ive had goats. My pony could live until he's 40 or so! so he has to go in my will. I am thinking downsize lately not upsize! Wonder what you'll do?
    Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  4. OK, I'm a wimp! My only pet,was a Miniature Poodle!

  5. I have no sage advice or farm animal experience to draw from Kim, but just remember that what the hell, can also turn into "what the hell was I thinking" ha ha. Updates required :)

  6. Those little puff balls are so cute! Sophie brought home a chicken last Easter from school, they had hatched them in class. It was a tiny little thing that is now huge. She is funny and smart. We love her. She comes when you call her, too. But she is needy and wants out of her pin all the time. We can't wait for fresh eggs.


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