Thursday, May 1, 2014

ORC Linking Event … Week FIVE!

Let there be LIGHT!  The Week 5 Theme!

If you are interested, you can click below to get a recap.

So … here we are back in the #ProjectDownsize Office Space.  And Yes, we have light.  However … do you see what I see??? Still no ceiling.

Well … I am all on board with the industrial look and all … but I need a ceiling. My contractor is coming next week. See, we had a leak in one of our skylights.  Don and he decided that was more important than my ceiling.  
I was not involved in the consultation!

The Next Addition of Light came on the PB Desk.
Mercury Knobs from Anthropologie.  
Just what the Girl Needed.

And yes, you are spying the feet of Ms. Confidence.  She is here and she is PERFECTION!  She is just not ready to reveal herself in all her Nude glory quite yet!!

If you follow me on IG, you know that my chair is at the upholsterers right now. I checked on her today and the Platinum hide is on.  I just delivered the fabric for the back which is the real pièce de résistance! 

I am so close … but yet so far from completion for Week Six.  I hope you will continue to check in till around Week 10!

The plan is to get the ceiling up and then I am covering the walls in fabric, similar to my illusion office.  You see I have 24 yards of beautiful white silky fabric that I was going to use for new curtains in our master bedroom before we moved.  Well … it is now going to grace my office walls.  But I cannot do this until the ceiling is up.

There is also a great surprise for a countertop that I am making to provide more storage … But I am waiting. Patiently. For the material to arrive!

Go check out all the other Linkers and see what they've been up to.  

The Creativity is Seriously Good my friends!

Thanks again Linda … for helping us all in our quest!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Homestretch Kim and even tho your list is long, I know you'll knock it all out. Excited to see your magic on this space!!!

  2. Kim I can't wait to see all the tricks up your sleeve. I know I'm going to die over your room.

  3. You've got a nail biter for sure but I know you will pull it off!

  4. I love the knobs! Yes I am in the same boat... will be finishing up around week 12, but oh well. Still fun to see the progress!

  5. Welcome to the down to the wire club. :) It will look great, I know it.

  6. Oooh, Kim - your little peeks are looking so good! Ha, love Week 10, will be fab!

  7. Your knobs and the teaser we saw of your decor look great - I hope you get you ceiling in, though I'm sure you can pull of the industrial look :)

  8. Oh baby...can it all be done? Will she finish? Stay week will be here in a jiffy!

  9. This will be awesome, Kim. I know it. So, so good.

  10. It sounds like all the elements are in place if the contractor would just cooperate! One thing hinges on the other, that's always the way it goes. It will be D Day at the final hour, and I hope it all goes well for you. Your chair, light, desk- all look fabulous! Have a nice weekend. xo Nancy

  11. Ohh! I LOVE those knobs! Can't wait to see the reveal!


  12. Week 10 made me laugh out loud. That light fixture is amazing. Who needs a ceiling?! Can't wait to see Ms. Confidence and all the rest next week!! Good luck with everything. :)

  13. I love the light fixture and the knobs are so pretty! Can't wait to see the big reveal!

  14. Oh dear. good luck with the ceiling!!! Love those knobs ;-)

  15. Oh… have the patience of a saint….it's hard waiting on things that are out of your control, isn't it? But that light….that alone is fabulous and worthy of some ORC award. You've got a lot of house projects going on at once Kim! Look forward to seeing their progress!

  16. I cannot wait to see the silk fabric walls - the room will scream elegance! I hope you will post a tutorial on how to hang it!

  17. That is too funny - love the light, and Anthropolgie always has the best knobs!!

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  18. Love the lighting Kim - love that you mix unexpected pieces so well together, can't wait for the reveal!

  19. Feeling all sorts of love for the light fixture Kim. Looking forward to seeing the whole shebang on Thursday!!


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