Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cabinet Hardware … Turning UP the Knob!

Pun Intended!

Christopher Peacock is one of my absolute favorite kitchen designers.  

I love the WEIGHT of his kitchens.

Not only are his spaces pleasing to the eye … You know when you touch a knob it has quality and weight.  
And while #ProjectDownSize is not budget worthy of a CPKitchen … I do want her to have weight.

Thus the knob decision!

Colonial Bronze has become a "go-to" of knobs for me.  They are a good price point, they are solid brass and they have the WEIGHT I look for.

Since I chose the classic round knob I did want to kick it up a notch.  No offense to Big Box Hardware stores, but I wanted them to look better than what I find there.

So we added the Medallion. 

When you choose to add this piece, go ahead and buy yourself some "mid-size" screws.  You will need them to hold the two pieces.  One little note I'd like to let Colonial know is that if a client is ordering the medallions they might change out the screws they send.

Not a Huge Deal.  But boy would they up the Customer Satisfaction Quotient!

So see … I did include the Big Box Store in my need for "just right" screws!

The Kitchen is coming together my friends … cabinets all back up!  Crown Molding being painted and Window Treatments at my workroom.  

Soon … So Soon!

In the meantime, thought you might enjoy the View through my Knob!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Lovely!!! I guess that glass of wine (or two) helped kick start the installation process! Loving the peek at your "barn door!"

  2. I love the added touch of the medallion! You are right, the visual weight of the hardware can make a huge difference!

  3. The view through the knob is so so clever!!! I agree, medallions add that extra weight to a knob, plain or ornate!! And yes,,,you need a longer screw!

  4. Did you know the 2 tones in my kitchen was inspired by one of his'? Love his timeless and elegant kitchen designs, and my, a medallion for the pulls? never thought of it or heard of it until now! LOVE IT! Get that kitchen done kim so we can all drool at it!

  5. I've never thought of using a medallion behind a knob. pretty smart there kim! I can't wait to see the kitchen all complete!

  6. I would probably sell my first born for a Christopher Peacock kitchen (well...maybe my second born!). I love, love, love his kitchens. Can't wait to see your finished product! xoxo

  7. You have been a busy lady...everything is coming along and I cant wait to see the transformation..
    love the details you added to the knobs...

  8. That medallion makes the biggest difference! Love the look and your sneak peek. It's gonna be fabulous!!! Have a great weekend! Xo Nancy

  9. I love that you call it "weight" ...perfect adjective.


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