Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wallpaper. Feature. Wall.

Today is the official last day of school in our house.  Whew.  It was a long run.  I have been dreaming about summer since March when I started working with a client on a wallpaper feature wall.  

Zoffany - Flowering Tree

The colors are brilliant and the flowers and vines look hand painted.  The photo doesn't quite do justice to the feeling in person.  The flowers look real.  

That really says it all!

This wall needed some love.

Zoffany can do it.

Remember this Chair?

One side of the room was warm and cozy and the other a little cool feeling.  The picture frame moulding frames the wallpaper and makes it feel more special.  Almost like a screen.

Painted furniture is such an immediate and gratifying experience.  This piece was in the painter's barn.  My client liked it and bought it and had him paint it.  He wishes he he had kept it and painted it for himself.

Remember the other pieces we had painted?

A little wallpaper and paint = a whole lot of love!

Have you wallpapered anything lately?




  1. This came out great! It is such a wide open space. I love all the colors in it. Congrats, I think, on the last day of school. Ours was yesterday, and I am more busy today! When does school start?

    1. Ha ha! Don just asked today when they go back and football season will start!!

  2. That is spectacular Kim! Love this for a bright and fresh summer feel, and putting it inside the molding is amazing. I've been loving wallpaper lately too, and can't wait to find a new spot for some more.

  3. oooh i love a good wallpaper wall! looks great!

  4. What a beautiful job your did here, Kim! I know your client must be THRILLED!!

  5. Wallaper feature wall is hown on the post here. Have a look at it


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