Monday, December 2, 2013

Splitting Up!

While decorating is going on here at home for Christmas ... my mind is reeling with decorating our "new" home.  We are scheduled to move in on December 30.  
My "Decorista" self is splitting in two completely different directions.

So dreaming every minute about how I want my next kitchen to feel, I do know one thing.  We definitely want to bring in a piece of furniture to use as a pantry or display cabinet for all of our glassware.  We are going to need the space in the kitchen
 ... and I just happen to like the look!

Old Wood and Chicken Wire. I love the French feel ... 

This piece is a little more simple lined ... but still very pleasing ... 


The Soft Blackness of this one filled with Glass,White and Silver.

The next one is probably my favorite.  I really am not certain if this was a stand alone piece that was worked to look built in or if it is a custom cabinet.

Whatever it was/is ... I want one.

So while still in the mode of shopping in my own home to use what we have and make it feel fresh.

If you recall the Beast.  Well ... she will be making an upward move.
From the Basement to the Kitchen.

Now ... Over the next few days I have to decide a color.  
My goal is to paint it before we move.  We'll see. 
Does she go White. Clean. Simple.
Does she go GLOSS RED and make a statement.
Does she get some AS Chalk Paint for a softer patina.

I will be asking you for some input ... I do hope you will chime in!
I'll be adding more inspiration photos to my Pinterest Board. Here.

In the meantime ... I brought these Cinnamon scented pine cones home last week.  
When Sammy walked in the door after school, she said ...

"It smells like Happiness in here!"
Yep, I promptly bought another bag!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Oh, the beast is going to be perfect, can't wait to chime in on your paint choices! I need to go grab a bag of happiness! :)

  2. I think the BEAST would make a perfect kitchen cabinet Kim! painting it another color depends on how the entire kitchen will look, which we haven't seen yet, I think though if it's gonna be a stand alone piece, you can make it whatever color you want! Love scented pine cones too, have one in my coffee table as well. :-)

  3. Ooooh this sounds like a fun project Kim! And I love your big bowl of happiness - I need some of those!

  4. How exciting to play with a new space. That BEAST will be perfect. Happy painting.

  5. I think the beast would look fab in black...but will reserve my opinion until I see the rest of the kitchen! P.S bet you can't wait to paint that one again!!

  6. Love, love, love that first image. How exciting to be planning a new kitchen space...even during the holiday hustle and bustle! Cant wait to see....

  7. congrats on the new home! I love the black piece with white and silver and of course you went and bought another bag!!

  8. So much fun to dream of a new space. You will a blast tackling it and I love your kitchen ideas.

  9. Isn't the best part of moving dreaming about what you'll do with completely new to you spaces! I love your display cabinet dream - if only I had a kitchen large enough!!

  10. I think the beast is going to look great in your kitchen!

  11. I think the "Beast" will be perfect for what you need!! I would leave it white - it will look a lot like your favorite photo above.

    Have a lovely day, Kim! xoxo

  12. Oh I would love to se that in chateau grey chalk paint.. it would be stunning!!!


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