Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Snip-It's ... Holiday Rush!

1.  Working in a Foyer ... Hexagon Belgium Linen. Comin' atcha!
2. The Boys.  Contest.  Check it Out!
3.  Biscotti for Breakfast.  I love Tradition.
4.  Shiny Christmas Clusters.
5.  Bedroom Sconces ready to be installed.
6.  "MeanSticks" because the first time I saw these I thought they were meant to keep people out. Had no idea they were to help the plows!
7.  Sacrilege is happening.  I am throwing away magazines.  Hoarding has to stop!
8.  Rearranging the house to accommodate lights.
9.  They boys were allowed back on the sofa.  I'm a pushover.

Happy Weekend!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Whoa, congrats on being at the top of Scot Meacham Wood's page!!!! so proud of you! Love your boys and Gibbs would, too. Good luck purging and have a great weekend ! xoxo Nancy

  2. Oh I love all of your decorations! Have a great weekend.

  3. How exciting to be featured on SMW. You need to run with that one :). Hope you have as relaxing a weekend as possible. I will be ending the hoarding, too.

  4. Wow, congratulations to you and the babies Kim! they truly look so regal yet welcoming on your entry!!!! Can't wait to see those sconces up and the xmas lights are just making your home glow and shine even more, can't wait to see everything!

  5. You door pictures with your "boys" is spectacular!! Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm - those "meansticks" may get put to good use up there this weekend. xoxo

  6. So happy to see a New Englander's door on SMW! Congratulations!

  7. Your "boys" are adorable. Have a great weekend!

  8. Congrats - and your boys are precious! I am pushover too with my golden. How can you not be?!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  9. It's a rush alright! I do love the lights in your home.

  10. Kim

    That pic of your dogs on the sofa resonates with me. We have a very imperfect but loveable yellow lab that thinks the world is his oyster...wait it is!!

  11. I love that first inspiration picture. It's one of my fav's. New follower! xd&m


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