Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Snip-It's ... Shiny Times Ahead!

1.  You know my magazine struggles.  I am purging.  Scary and Good. #cleanslate.
2.  Last year's wrapping theme.  Stripes and Reindeer.
3.  Enormous Gloss Red/Orange Drum Chandelier.  Swoon.
4.  GORGEOUS new carpets from AA. Pictures don't capture the Amazingness!
5.  The Votes Are In.  Pantone Color of 2014. Radiant Orchid. Boom.
6.  Cheetah Ribbon, Copper Angels and Stars ... Christmas Bannister.
7.  SHINY Green Apple.  In case I can't get the Shiny Drum Light.
8.  Byron is sleeping in the "boudoir" chair.  Thinks he's little!
9.  2 Years ago ... I was in to "natural with a Shiny Twist".  I cringe.

Funny state of things here on Farm Road.
Unpacking Boxes to decorate for Christmas.
Packing boxes to move.
Bi - Polar house situation.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Good luck with the packing and unpacking. I hope the weather is on your side.

  2. HA! Love the bi-polar house! Also, great new picture! Byron looks like he might be embarrassed he was caught working that little chair--sweet baby.

  3. Ugh, packing. I don't envy you there. Hope it all goes well:)

  4. Packing queen! btw love the new about pic, the necklace is fab.

  5. Good luck packing!! I love your snip-it's!!! Have a great weekend!!! xoxo

  6. Love all that big dose of color, and Byron cracks me up!! Your new picture is tres chic ~ love your pearls and plaid!

  7. Loving all things shiny! That apple is amazing.

  8. Love the new holiday photo, you look great!!!

  9. It's really Friday shiny time. I love your post and also your blog too. Thanks for the nice share. Interior design ideas

  10. I'm excited for the pantone color choice....not my pick...but I think It's an interesting one. Thanks so much for your comment on Friday on my guest post over at The Little Black Door. I need to know about the pink shoes you got!! Please!


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