Monday, February 18, 2013


Happy Presidents' Day!  

As I am working on my Office Illusion for the ORC I am finding myself in a funny place.  I came up with the "Illusion", because sometimes I really do feel like the rooms I see and love in the trade publications ... dare I say it ... just MIGHT be an Illusion!!

Not that I don't think these gorgeous homes and rooms don't exist.  Of course they do ... and oh the lucky folk that get to actually live in them.  

As I am day to day working in real homes of families wanting to create a space that is welcoming and happy, there is a lot to consider.  First and foremost ... how to get the best bang for the buck.  I prefer not to just hop on over to Home Goods to fill the lacking spaces, but sometimes I do ...  whatever I do I try to make each space unique and true to their style.  Even when I come away very pleased with the results of a space I have worked on, and know my clients are very happy, I have always felt the reality that some of the spaces would never be able to grace a Magazine Spread.  

Okay ... I am rambling on because I came across this photo in the March Elle Decor

Now, this home in the south of France belongs to a Vintage Textile Dealer ... it is her family's country farm house.  Something I most likely will never have the ability to own.  So ... forgive my being a little snarky, not something I normally do.

But really ... is this space BEAUTIFUL ... OR are we fooled into the "illusion" of a life in France and the fact it is in Elle Decor ... it must be?  I think I might be afraid to sit there!

I'd love your thoughts about the Illusions we are fed on a daily basis!! 

Hope you are all enjoying a nice long weekend! Kids are out for the week ... but I still have marching orders for myself while focusing on my own little Illusion happening in the basement!




  1. I would rather sit on the floor, than that sofa. Too funny...taking keeping it real a bit too far.

  2. I would sit on that sofa, but only in France. Haha!

  3. I have experienced the ILLUSION! I lived through one! A number of things we see, especially in magazines and TV, isn't what it really is.
    Your Illusion Room is the most ingenious idea for this "event" ! Bravo for dreaming it up......most of what we see are just "dreams"!

  4. That could easily be a "before" shot of a curbside sofa if it was found in Paris...Texas! Funny that is considered vintage and chic when found in Paris...France! Photos like this are not just selling an illusion, they are highlighting a lifestyle. Interesting post...

  5. I've thrown out better things than that. It's like a make believe fairy tale, no reality just romantic daydreams of illusions. One cannot live on illusions.

  6. So true! I remember seeing that spread in ED and thinking "Really?!" I think there are moments that are magazine-worthy in a lot of homes, but illusion is reality when it comes to most. Very thought-provoking for sure. Can't wait to see what you do with your basement office!

  7. Ha! This reminds me of the 'parents lounge' where my son played paintball! I lounged in my car!

  8. Loved this post! I can just hear you saying, "do I really want to sit THERE?!" You crack me up! Very excited to see your basement room illusion. I know you have been wanting to fix this up for some time... congrats! Reeg


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