Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MCM - Animal Style!

As many of y'all know ... the last few months I have been cleaning out my parent's home in Georgia.  I finally finished.  I considered each and every piece.  Do I like it? What memories do these pieces hold? Will I EVER use them?  Is it worth the money to move it all and put in my Attic? Don was with me, he tried to be delicate ... but even he rolled his eyes when I was considering the pale green floral cross stitch in gold frame.  But Frames Cost Money!!  Okay ... put it in the GoodWill pile.

I did bring home alot.  Most went to my Dad's new home but boxes are residing in our mudroom.  Until I figure out what to do with it all.  Now, you have to understand, as a person who LOVES to scour flea markets and antique shows.  I was sitting on my own Market!  

Then there was this ...

This Cheetah (hate to dispute OKL ... but this is NOT a leopard!) on One Kings Lane is not Mine.  But I have his twin.  My Mother and I gave this to my Father for his Birthday when I was 10 (I'll do the math for you ... it was 41 years ago!).

We were SO excited that we paid EXTRA to have it gift wrapped and when we got home, WE unwrapped it for him!!

It is now in his new home.  Just yesterday he called me and said "I've had to move the Cheetah".  "Why, Daddy?"  I asked.  "He's staring at me when I watch TV".

When I saw this on Beth's Pinterest Board I had to Smile! 

This Cheetah is like a real pet to our family.  And believe me, we have plenty of real ones ... he is special.  

I used to wonder how all these great things made it out to the flea markets ... who found them, who let go of them ... didn't they know what they had?  

Now I know.  Sometimes, you just have to Let Go.  And let the pieces bring happiness in a new home.  I let an unbelievable amount go.  Don't want to underestimate the people at the GoodWill of Cumming, Georgia, However, I don't think they have any idea that they are holding some pretty awesome treasures!!

Here's to Letting Go ... and not letting it stop the thrill of the HUNT!!




  1. Ohhhh that tiger! She is beautiful in all of her glory!

  2. Wow, you and your mom had a great eye...even back then. I understand, and am staring at wedding gifts (21 years ago) that I have never used.

  3. I feel your pain - it's so hard to purge all of those things, but I'm working on it too!! LOVE the cheeta!!

  4. It must have been that era. My mom had a huge ceramic Zebra from the 70's that we now adore in our homes; Bethany and I share him :) I think they add alot of character.
    xo Nancy

  5. That cheetah is fabulous. I feel like I need to have a road trip to the Cumming, GA Goodwill ASAP!

  6. What a big job.... that must of been hard and emotional.....I'm like you...I love flea markets and antique shows. The cheetah is adorable!


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