Friday, January 18, 2013


Last week I finished My Father's move from Atlanta.  I arrived Wednesday around noon and headed up GA 400 not anticipating going into a very quiet, scarcely furnished house full of memories and no one to share them with.  I needed to feed my soul before my task at hand.

I have read about Boxwoods before and knew it would hold some treasures and eye candy for me.  Y'all know I LOVE New England and truly can't imagine myself living anywhere else.  But the shopping cannot hold a candle to Atlanta.  Don't be offended my sweet Boston stores, you are just few and far between.  Atlanta seems to have design tucked into every corner of every road!

Boxwoods did not disappoint.  

You cannot be in the South without finding a Fabulous Monogram!

How fantastic are these chairs?  Seriously!!!

And this little lamp has some attitude going on ... and gave me a laugh ... !

The Table Settings provided a little inspiration for 2013!  Notice how beautiful, but really very simply done.

Take the sign off the front door ... and I would MOVE in!!

Do you have favorite Go To Shops to get your creative juices flowing?  I will miss being in Atlanta quite as often as I used to be.  But I know I will find a way to squeeze a Fix in!!

Have a wonderful Weekend!




  1. Oh, I would move in too. I feel the same way about NJ, it's just not the shopping I'm used to.

  2. I live in Atlanta and haven't been to Boxwoods, yet. I will certainly have to make a trip! And you are right, no one can hold a candle to our shopping! =)

  3. Oh I wish I were in a store like that! It looks like such fun, and what a wonderful selection of porcelains! Lucky you to be able to go there, but I hope the move went well and the stress of that part is over! Love your road trips, though and you sharing along the way.
    xo Nancy

  4. I love Boxwood Homes! So beautiful! I know it was hard to be in the house alone with your memories but at least you have happy memories of a sweet family! Love to you my friend. Happy weekend!

  5. Boxwoods is AWESOME! I always beg MC to stop when we are in the area.
    Wishing you the best....
    Hope the traffic on "400" wasn't too heavy.

  6. I just cleaned out my parent's house in December. I know exactly how you feel. Hang in there. Every day gets better.

  7. A beautiful distraction for sure! Change is hard, you're doing a great thing, and with great style at that!

  8. I love those white chairs...looks like a fab shop! I hope everything goes well with your Dad....

  9. The blue and white is awesome. Maybe I am biased but I really believe that the South has a bit more style. Sorry, Yanks.

  10. I completely agree with you Kim about shopping in the South vs. in other areas of the country for home goods...Los Angeles and New York City are also great...the rest of the country needs to catch up! Love the look of Boxwoods!!


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