Thursday, November 29, 2012

Painted Wood Floors

Thanksgiving was last week I know ... but I say to all my blog friends, thank you for your friendship and continuing to check in!  A year ago, when I began my blogging adventure I promised design ideas with life "smattered in".  Well, I had no idea that so much life would be smattered in!  

I am finding that life is what makes design fun.  We all have REAL life.  And we all (I think) are just trying to make our homes a little bit prettier and warmer to celebrate our families and loved ones.  Coming in to a home where you feel loved and supported and comfortable ... this has become more and more important to me as I work side by side with my clients to create each unique space.

You all know I am pining away for a Farm House ... with painted floors.  And I love Orange.  Actually, that is a little dramatic ... but I do love the idea and I would love to try it sometime!!

This is a Beach House ... in New Jersey ... and seriously, doesn't this make you happy?  I know, it is Christmas time ... and I am unloading the boxes as we speak.  

You have to admit, that room is much prettier than the task at hand!

Hope you are having a wonderful week and feeling the Spirit of Christmas!!




  1. I would love those floors, but it does need to be in the right house. That is a lot of holiday decorating ahead of you. Have fun.

  2. The beach house is fun and happy! I agree painted floors are perfect for a farm house...not sure about the pattern pictured, but do think painted floors in farm homes are made for each other!

  3. That room is very fun! I hope you are doing well, and that your dad is adjusting Kim! I'm dragging my feet getting all the decorations out--it makes such a mess!
    xoxo Nancy

  4. Very fun floors.....I just got some boxes down this morning. I'm hoping this weekend I will have everything done.


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