Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can you hear me Now?

The Aftermath of No phones, No cable, No internet ... 
We are making the switch.

Today... this is kind of like living through Sandy again ...
 I am hoping it goes more smoothly!!

I am cautiously EYEING the Verizon technician as he moves cables, lines, boxes.  My dogs are not thrilled either!

Wishing you a happy, Day after Election Day!

Be back tomorrow ... The Lord Willing!!!




  1. Good Luck!
    We are now in the midst of using Comcast internet and a Direct TV Dish. MC threw up his hands at the increase in our "bundle" package with Comcast, ordered the dish, which was installed and we are now.......waiting for AT&T to figure out how to hook us up to an internet service.
    So, here we are with two bills. The Direct TV and our present Comcast. Can't disconnect Comcast until we have a WORKING AT&T! I totally give up!

  2. I hate all cable companies. It is a conspiracy to get you to pay way too much. Soon, we will all get our connections via satellite or something. I look forward to them going bankrupt. Just sayin.

  3. Oh, I hope it went well! We always have an awful time and it's not fun!


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