Wednesday, May 2, 2012



I saw this chandelier in the latest Traditional Home 

... and with my life obsession for orange, I went online to see what else I might find.  While I did find more chandeliers, I was introduced to Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz a Designer from California.  My home is far from contemporary ... to get this look I'd have to throw everything out and start all over ... that won't happen!  But I do try to find ways to incorporate some of the more modern elements into my home and my clients' homes.  It is refreshing and a little playful.  Something I think we all need!

I got several questions about the Pagoda Lamp from my last post ... You can find it on line or at 

In Wellesley, Mass!




  1. I love the chandelier! I want to incorporate some fun into my house, too!

  2. I share your orange obsession. I was tickled when they named Tangerine Tango as the color of the year. I love that lantern. Would be so cool in a fun office space/ craft room!


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