Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Room Challenge Week 5!

This week on the One Room Challenge ... Linda and the rest of us that she brought together are busy wrapping things up in our Room.  We are putting on the finishing touches.  If you need to catch up ... go here and you can start from the beginning!

I'll give you a look at our chair ... it makes me swoon.

Let's talk a little about rugs ... you can see a peak of the West Elm rug under our chair.  

Rug rules I try to live by:

Rugs should be as big as you possibly can take them.  If you can, take the rug out as far as possible in the room, leaving approximately 12" of floor exposed around the perimeter of the room.

Geometrics can actually be neutrals ... here are a few of my favorite inspirations:

Layering Rugs creates depth and warmth ... do it if you dare!

We chose the West Elm Rug for texture and look ... remember our first week we discussed that this young family needs something to hold up to a new puppy and three energetic little girls.  We couldn't find an "off the rack" rug that we like enough to fit the space ... so chose this one because we like it and it "holds" the seating arrangement just fine.  Then in a few years when they are ready to make the longterm rug investment they can follow my rules!  

Looking forward to the big reveal next week!!  Remember we had an issue with the brackets needed to hang the window treatments on the large windows.  Custom brackets are coming today and we are scheduled for install on Thursday ... I am checking my mudroom by the hour to make certain they get delivered in time!!

Next week is the Challenge Finale!  A few things to take care of before you see the whole picture ... it is down to the wire!

Please drop by my other Challenge partners and see what is happening in their rooms!


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  1. Great chair! I love it - the shape, the fabric, everything.
    Thanks for the rug tips too!

  2. On that chair! I want two please! everything about it works so well together! Like to rug too! That is smart advice, and it is best to wait a few years until they find something they like and their kids are a little older to make that investment! But the WE rug works very well too!

  3. The Chair IS terrific! Great choice. I love West Elm too, perfect rug for a young family. Cannot wait till next week to see it all together!!

  4. That chair is to die for. Oh my. The rug looks great too, along with all the gorgeous rug photos. I can't wait to see the room completed. It will be amazing!

  5. Good rug tips. Looking forward to the reveal.

  6. I always have trouble finding the right sized rug... thanks for the tips! Your chair looks hawt :)

  7. That chair looks fantastic, I love the geometric pattern.

    I bought a too small rug for my living room and kick myself over it all the time...I am holding out on replacing it until we buy another house in a year or so.

  8. The chair looks awesome! I can't wait to see the room come together!

  9. I wish I knew you a few years ago, when I made a huge rug mistake. This is the best rug advice ever, and so true. My daughter, who never comments on much, wants me to get two of those chairs. Now I need to go back to your posts and find out the where and when again on the chairs. Still so curious about your window treatment.

  10. The rug advice is right on! I like layering over sisal and seagrass myself. That chair is incredible! Can't wait to see your big reveal!


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