Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The One Room Challenge Reveal!!

This is it!  Just 6 weeks ago, Linda of My Crafty Home Life gathered 15 of us together to get one room done in this time.  We all said yes!  Well, things have been happening.  If you want to catch up, go here. If you have been following ... thank you and I hope you like what happened here and with all the rest of us!

Just a review ... here is where we started.  Remember the facts:

Young Family
3 girls
1 Lab puppy, Ruby
Kids and Parents In need of a Family Room
Parents in need of a place to entertain and relax



Please forgive the fact that I chose the wrong time of the day ... when the sun was coming in the window!! 

We still have a few more pieces coming ... and yes, the artwork ... which will evolve over time!  

Here's a recap of what took place to change the look and feel:

1.  Addition of the beams to add architectural detail to the space.
2.  Taking the paint up to the beams ... which makes the room feel larger and warmer.
3.  Re work the fireplace, new granite and mantel.
4.  Paint ... a coat of paint can rock your world!
5.  Maximize seating with two sofas.
6.  Lantern to replace the fan.
7.  Custom Fabrics to make it personal and unique.
8.  Rug to bring it all together with texture.

Thanks so much for following us ... take another look at all my fellow challengers and see the wonderful things they have done!!  So many things to learn ... Hope you are inspired to get "one room" done!!




  1. Holy gorgeousness! The colors are among my favorite and you execution is perfect. Enjoy the room.

  2. It's really beautiful now Kim!
    I love the fabrics on the chairs and ottoman. You've done a great job taking a large, cool, empty-feeling room and turning it into something cozy and warm - the family must LOVE it!

  3. The colors all look amazing together! I love the chairs and ottoman. The fireplace looks 1000 times better! Hopefully you will keep us updated on the art work I would love to see the completely finished space!

  4. Kim- beautiful choice of colors/ fabrics. Love the wall color too! Are your clients happy?

  5. Kim, this is just an amazing room! It is so polished and chic. I just love how you mixed the fabric patterns- they all work so well together and that ottoman gives the punch it needs. Love it all. Great work!

  6. Kim, I want to move right in! What a lucky family. You tied everything together so nicely and the fireplace/window wall looks great.

  7. Kim this turned out beautiful!. Super palette choice, and the classic furniture pieces will grow with them forever. I like the placement of everything and your vignette is bang on! The art and their "stuff" is going to fill it up perfectly. Love it!

  8. Awww they must love spending time in the room so so much now! I really like how the colors and patters came together. It's just so cozy and happy. Maybe you took the picture at the wrong time of day, but man, would I love all of that light in MY living room!! Bravo!

  9. You're hired! This came together so nicely. I want to curl up on one of the sofa's. I love the drapes. I can only assume that your clients love it. Those chairs are the show-stopper. This was so much fun...let's do it again, sometime.

  10. Yay! I'm loving this big reveal! I'm so jealous that I don't have a blog and therefore didn't have a challenge thereby giving me a room that is complete and fabulous! I LOVE everything about this room... The light fixture, the fabrics, the rug and furniture... Not to mention what you did with the fireplace! Congrats, Kim! It is spectacular!

  11. Incredible job, Kim! I LOVE how your color balances the room so perfectly. The fireplace is such a gorgeous transformation as is the whole room! I'll look forward to keeping up with your work!

  12. I love the room. The colors are gorgeous - walls and contrasting pattern and color in the soft furnishings. It is amazing how paint can make a difference. I have to read previous posts to see the color you picked for the walls. I have just painted my dining room a dark hue. You should be proud.

  13. What a difference! You took it from blah to warm and gorgeous! When I scrolled through it, I thought: And this is WHY people hire interior designers! It's been so great following the progress on this room from start to finish and I am so glad to have met you through the challenge! I look forward to keep reading along!

  14. What a transformation! I love this room! The fabrics and colors are beautiful. This was a great idea for all of you to come up with this series! Well done. :)

  15. It's beautiful! I love how you brought the focus to the center of the room- in the before pictures everything looks like it's trying to hide up against the walls! (to be fair though, it looked like they'd just moved in.) I love the drama those super high drapes are giving it too! Gorgeous room; I'm sure your clients are thrilled!

  16. Beautiful! I especially love the chairs, ottoman & paint colors together. Will you tell us what paint color you used and what fabric is on the chairs?

    1. Hey Keighly, thank you so much! The paint is Benjamin Moore - Graphite. The Fabrics are all Duralee, you can see them all on my first post, you can click on the one room challenge button on the right of my blog and it will take you right to it. The sofas are from Mitchell Gold.

  17. Wow, you're room is amazing. Definitely one of my favorites. I love the fabrics you chose and the color scheme.

  18. Beautiful! I am swooning over these fabrics! So warm and inviting. I love the ceiling detail you added!

  19. Love it! Can I ask where you found the rug?

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Yes, where is that wonderful rug from? Room is beautiful!


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