Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Room Challenge - Week 3!

Welcome Back!  This is our third week in the One Room Challenge!  And this week involves big decisions and much progress to see!

Just a reminder of our inspiration fabrics:

With bright and bold colors you need to make certain there is some kind of what I call "grounding" ... to make them feel connected!  We are going to do this with our paint selection.

We started with the grey in the stipe of one of our inspiration fabrics.  Kind of hard to tell in this photo, the grey has the slightest tint of lavender which keeps it soft and not too "steely".

This is sometimes how paint decisions go ...  

1.  We sampled two greys, one was a little light, one too dark.
2.  Then, the questions ... is grey right?
3.  We brought in gold and orange and brown!  I know ...  but we did!!
4.  This cemented our decision that grey is the right color.
5.  We looked in the Affinity Selection of Ben Moore paints and found the one in the middle of the two and chose it!!

Here's how the above process looked in real life!!

Meet Hobson, our patient painter!

Remember we wanted to add some beams to the ceiling to add architectural interest.  Also to add some depth and to keep the "eye" moving up in the room, we painted all the way up to the beam.  Not stopping at the edge before the slope of the wall, like was done in these before photos:

A close up of one of our beams!!  Are you spying the new lantern?  Remember the White Fan ... eliminated!!

Please forgive the reflections and crazy photo ... but notice instead how the solid piece of black granite and the new mantle make a much more classic statement than the peach and grey faux marble tiles. 

Next up ... Chandelier/Lantern for the space. If you missed yesterday's post, go here, for the trick in chandelier sizing!

Sneak Peak Reveal!

The beautiful gray, new mantle, new fireplace surround and new lantern!

Stay tuned as the next week as furniture begins to arrive and some window treatment decisions get made!

Don't forget to stop by my other One Room Challenge friends and check out their progress!!



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  1. Wow- what a difference! Looks fantastic! I choose paint the same way. It is so important to put your selections up within the space to make a final decision. Can't wait to see all the furniture, etc.!

  2. I need that guy to paint for me. The fireplace is looking so stylish.I also love the beam. I think you chose the right color...looking forward to seeing how you dress the windows.

  3. I love the gray. Great decision to paint all of the way up to the beam too. Fireplace is looking good!

  4. That grey is so much warmer than the other two - love it.
    Great chandelier too. Looking forward to seeing this room finished - it's going to be fabulous!

  5. I love the grey! The fireplace is going to look awesome!

  6. Looking good! Great colour choices!

  7. Kim, it looks wonderful with the gray, what a difference a richer color makes! I love the fireplace too, again what a difference! I look forward to seeing more next week!

  8. That looks so sophisticated! I always love gray. And of course that chandelier.

  9. Everything looks beautiful. And so pulled together. You are very talented!!

  10. Kim, I absolutely love what you did to the fireplace! All of your thinking and thought processes sound so good. Can't wait to see what you do. And what a wonderful room and palette you have to work with. GREAT job!!


  11. Oh I love the grey walls and the beams. The mantle looks GREAT too! What was the name of the paint you used? Does it happen to be elephant skin?? You can never tell in pictures, but it looks a lot like the color I used in my last apartment. I LOVED it, it was the perfect grey.


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