Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Home ... The Master Bathroom!

 Happy Monday!  This is going to be a Week of fun and celebration ... Callie graduates and we have several small family, close friend celebrations on the schedule.

So it seems natural I am taking you into my bathroom ... yes???

Now, I must reveal that this bathroom is SMALL ... like Don and I can each have our own sink ... but we have to walk in single file!  We loved the moldings and mirror detail that were already in here so only did the minimal.

Like ... of course, we added Art!  This piece by artist and dear friend Jane.

More layering ... I love a beautiful sconce ON the mirrors!

And we did add the Glass Shower Doors.  The toilet is so close that we weren't able to door a frameless door.  We wouldn't have been able to get in!

Also, it used to be "open".  Okay ... do y'all have men living in your house?  Had we let it open it would have been a wading pool.  Just sayin'!

Short Post.  Small Bathroom!!

Don't forget to Enter to Win the Moen Shower Heads!!  Drawing Friday June 7th so I can ship in time for Father's Day!

Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time! 




  1. Beautiful bathroom no matter the size. I love sconces on the mirror, too and wish we had done that. Maybe another makeover some day.

  2. It looks wonderful Kim. Just love the moldings and sconces in mirror...wonderful!!

  3. Good things come in small packages...even bathrooms and yours is no exeption! I love the additions of the Art and I am crazy for sconces on mirrors too! Happy Monday!

  4. It may be small but that shower makes up for it!

  5. Lovely bath! I'd rather have a small pretty bath than a big ugly one, which I happen to have. :)

  6. Looks great the molding and the pretty details.

  7. Love it Kim! Very pretty in there, which you managed to do AND accommodate your hubs. Love the sconces on the mirrors. Have a great week.
    xo Nancy

  8. Love it! the sconce and painting are perfect.

  9. Love those sconces, Kim and your shower looks awesome!

  10. It may be small, but it is beautiful.


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