Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Old ... is new Inspiration to Me!

This past weekend I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to read some magazines.  I love blogging, y'all know I do.  And the inspiration ... it makes my day to catch up with favorite bloggers and see what DIYing they are up to, what they cooked for dinner, or just getting to know them better.

But the Magazines.  There is something about the rag that holds me captive.  Some people save their copies for years.  I am a RIPPER!  I try not to destroy them, but I find favorite things and before I know what has happened ... RIP!  

I do keep a notebook of my favorites RIPS ...  I should put more on Pinterest.  But I am a toucher.  A feeler.  And want to do it over and over again!

Here are a few of my favorite images from this addition of Traditional Home.

What draws us in?  Do you know what really makes you smile?

Here's what really strikes me when I am looking for inspiration:

Window Details and Floors ... 

Neutral? Yes, but look at the subtle color in the chair fabric and the texture in the wooden table that brings in the warmth ... and can't you just FEEL the linen on that stool? ... 

And here, if it weren't for the happy punch of Color and Gloss this dining room would be BORING ... but no snooze here ... 

  I like so many styles, so it makes it very fun for me to really look at the images that I have ripped away and discover what draws me in.

What draws you in?

Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time.




  1. I'm with you, I love nothing more than some time with a good shelter mag. Love your pictures!

  2. You should see the pile next to my bed (nightstand height)! It makes my day to go to the mailbox and see a new issue!

  3. I have old issues and save rips, too. Sometimes I go to the library and look through the huge stacks of back-dated issues.

  4. Amen, fellow ripper here too! and I think I'm one who'll never stop. :-)

  5. I need to start ripping and filing. Maybe that's a way for my daughter to earn some extra money this summer. I have so many mags and they are taking up lots of space. I do LOVE looking through them on the rare occasion that I have the time!

  6. I save years of my favorite mags! I did have the first issues of Traditional Home, but sadly I sold them at a garage sale in 1995!
    I must admit I don't rip! I love to go to my stacks, by mag, which is on the shelves behind my desk, and just pull one out. It's a surprise and usually like seeing it for the first time!
    The fun part! I will see something that instantly reminds me of a particular space I saw years ago....and I search until I find it! And I DO!

  7. I love magazines, and unfortunately I tend to be a bit of a hoarder... My Grandmother introduced me to Victoria magazine when I was about 12, and I collected every. single. issue.... going back to the very first edition in the late 80's. I used to spend hours pouring through those beloved magazines. When I married, I sold my entire collection in a garage sale... I suppose it was the right thing to do, but it still pains me a bit when I think about it. They really did take up a lot of room though, and now I spend hours pouring over Pinterest! :)

    The Glam Pad

  8. I'm a keeper of magazines only. I like to go through old ones to see what trends stayed and which ones dissipated. and also to get inspiration from classic designs that stand the test of time. Of the three images above like the orange room - I'm a color gal!

  9. We must have inspired each other cause I spent a few mornings going thru old issues myself and getting uber inspired! I love magazines more than the computer... and you know Im a color gal, as well!
    xo Nancy

  10. I agree...there's nothing like print...I love looking at blogs but its not the same!

  11. Usually I'm drawn to color and pattern. And I love my printed magazines, but I keep mine intact.

  12. I took a pile of shelter magazines on my recent vacation and devoured them one, by one. I have notebooks full of ripped pages--nothing in inserts mind you--just pages upon pages stacked and crammed in.


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