Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Small Spaces

Can we just chat about this room?  If I ever had the need (or want) to live in a tiny space ... This makes me feel like I could do it ... maybe a small "wall" of kitchen appliances and a small table that just continued on into this sitting room and bedroom.  A little feminine, yes, I'm just saying!  I could be happy here ... really happy here!!

I got this off the web ... somewhere!!  I can see a date and page ... but don't know what magazine??

The linens, the wallpaper, the mirror, the glass screen, the "plexi-glass" table, the chandelier, the headboard, the striped velvet sofa, the pouf ... shall I go on?  And here is the thing I love most ... it is small ...  but not minimal!

Could you "go small"?




  1. Thanks for stopped by my blog Kim- so glad to have found yours!I absolutely adore this room (I think I recognise it from ‘Decorate’ by Holly Becker). I particularly love the glass/Lucite screen which separates the space without making it darker. It’s fantastic inspiration for me as I live in a teeny tiny London house – it has its obvious drawbacks but a huge bonus is that it only takes an hour to clean the whole house!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is one of my favorite spaces ever--I'm pretty sure its from Lonny magazine last year. That striped sofa, the lucite coffee table...LOVE IT.


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