Monday, December 17, 2012

Tangerine Tango ... Still doing it for me!

I am moving toward a decorated home for Christmas.  It is 8 days away so time is going to stop me if nothing else does!

This is a funny time of year ... working frantically on my own home to welcome family and friends to share in the celebration of Christmas.  But then frantically working on others homes as well ... to get them ready for LIVING!

Searching some specific pieces of furniture I found myself intrigued with these ... 

Let's just discuss all the things RIGHT in this room ... Color, Chair, Orange printed drapes, Greek Key Coffee Tables, Orange/Red chinoiserie pots, Gorgeous Chest,  Navy blue lattice hiding out in the left corner and of course Chiang Mai Dragon pillows.  

Okay, the artwork leaves me a little disappointed ... but with everything else that is going right ... well, I can forgive that!!

Here I am loving the Sofa, the console behind the Flame Stitch Chair and the seemingly oversized art behind the sofa.  The Large Stripe Curtains ... yes, I will find somewhere/some one to do this!

Modern, classic fabric and POP Art.  All of these found here.  

Here's to a good productive and Festive week!!





  1. I love most of the first one, too. I must admit the chairs on the last one are my favorite. It's ok if your home is not perfectly decorated. After a couple of cocktails, nobody will notice.

  2. I have to say I am leaning more and more into the use of orange in spaces and in childhood room was orange and pink and I am really into pink right now so maybe orange is next in my "second childhood". lol Happy Holidays Kim!

  3. Century Furniture always shines! Wow what pieces. Even though I am not an orange lover....if wearing it makes me look like I have the plague, I won't live in it! But, these rooms are great! I am amazed at all the white woodwork! Love the prints! and mill working!!

  4. I love to see orange in photos, but can't use it at home. Besides yellow, it's the color that makes me look most ill!

  5. I still love orange too. I am planning to switch out my family room throw pillows for a bit more orange. I agree with you on the first room, everything is awesome but the artwork looks like an afterthought. I want that Greek key table!

  6. I have never had anything orange or green, but last year I bought a tangerine sweater and loved it....maybe this year I will buy something emerald....and love it!

  7. I love that color, and can see it being used with the Emerald for 2013! Happy Holidays Kim, and I hope the warmth of the holidays with family all around makes you have a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for your friendship this year!
    xo Nancy


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