Friday, April 27, 2012

A Day at the Beach ... true tourists!

We packed up the family and headed to St. Martin ... truly a fantasy vacation for us all.  As the kids have grown in age and SIZE!  We no longer fit in a hotel room ... or two ... it takes three.  Well, this puts a whole new spin on spending time together.  So we booked a villa ... but before we check in there ... let me take you to the beach!  Our first day took us to Phillipsburg.  I am generally clueless when we travel ... I am happy strolling along and let Don direct the crew and I just follow along.  So I had no idea this was the beach where the cruise ships dock!!  

While we were officially "off season" ... there was still a touristy air to this beach ... so?  We are tourists!!  I will have you know that none of us wore our tennis shoes ... like so many we saw!

Some of the highlights ... 

This little lady was selling like crazy ... and I took her photo ... and she caught me.  I am now the proud owner of that white frock with the blue trim! p.s.  they are NOT kidding when they say one size fits all!

From a distance, we thought this was the Blue Birch Bar ... we were wrong.  The kids thought it was fantastic ...

Cruise ship central ...

We did NOT segway ... seriously ... you come off a cruise ship and you put on tennis shoes and you segway?  No ... not us ...

Don negotiated a cool $50.00 deal ... 5 chairs, 10 Beers and 1 Umbrella ... now you're talking!

Then we headed to our home for the next week ...

This was the view from the front door ... this was a really big deal for us ... and we loved every moment, the time together mostly ... the adventures in location, fun and food!

I will share lots over the next few weeks and hope I don't bore you!!  

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. I loved St. Marten. I was there 20 years ago so I am sure there have been a few changes.

  2. What?????????? Seriously????? That place is stunning! That is so funny that you didn't wear tennis shoes or ride the segway. Whenever I've been to Europe I always try to NOT wear my blue jeans. That is always a sign of "American". It is fun to just try to fit in the culture that you are visiting! I hope you had an awesome time and I look forward to seeing your pictures.


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