Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Antique vs. Reproduction

Which would you prefer? I would prefer the real thing ... but like all else, it takes a large budget to always get the original.  So I have learned ... and actually have fun ... mixing the two and enjoying pulling them all together.  I try to encourage clients and friends ... and myself ... to consider "investment" pieces.  Those that you know are classic (to you, not style) and that will always make you happy. Not the trendy.  Spend the money on the investment pieces and then play around a little with the accessories or particular fun object that you won't feel guilty about giving up later in life!

What prompted this recent thought process?  The new Restoration Hardware Book that just arrived.  I found this settee.  I have a fondness for settees.

The Reproduction:

The hunt at antique fairs and markets is my passion.  I am still learning and educating myself on what is truly an antique and how to recognized one when I see it.  Mostly because I would like to know, but if I like it and think the price right on that particular day ... I buy it ... and am happy!  Antique or not.

Here's my "somewhat" antique, all freshened up!

This was one of my purchases at Brimfield Antique Fair this past Summer.  It is OLD ... but I don't know how old ... and perhaps it is an old reproduction ... but I call it Antique!

Here's where it began ... I know I keep taking you to these photos of Brimfield ... but this was a good day!!

And here is what the inside looked like when I attempted to DIY this thing ...

I found gross things inside ... I took it to my upholsterer!!

This was one of my inspiration photos for Erin's Room ...

I am close to being done ... the bedding is killing me ... I can't get it right.  Stay tuned!

What's holding you back????




  1. First, your settee is so beautiful! There is nothing like a professional job. I am going to have something professionally done soon, too. OK, that Restoration Book....I hate how much wast that thing was....all that paper and shipping is so bad for the environment. Next, that CEO inside with too much botox!! He obviously loves himself.

    Having said that, some of the furniture is cool.

  2. Oh Kim, your settee is amazing! It is going to look so beautiful. I can't wait to see it all finished. What bedding are you struggling with??? I must have missed that post. When do you get your settee back from the upholsterer?


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